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"The charioteer of the human soul drives a pair of steeds, and one of the horses is beautiful, good, and formed of such elements, whereas the makeup of the other one is quite the opposite." -Phaedrus A Blog For All and None. A place primarily to share and obtain feedback to my thoughts through my graduate career in philosophy.

For philosophy is simply "thoughts that have been thought out." View my complete profile Life, at least as I experience it (and also as I hear confirmed from others), never ceases to be a node of surprises, postive and negative, comic and tragic, glorious and disasterous.

It must be mentioned, however, that the contents of this blog, despite the contents of this post, will not be only concerned with abstract discussion on the nature of the soul and the nature of knowledge, etc., but I hope it to be about life and the human spirit, about the life encounters of the human person, theoretical musings with practical and relatable ramifications, from my perspective and those of professional philosophers.

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Or what does this mean even for everyone else who certianly wish to hold on to at least some things that he or she would like to say they know for certain?

And finally, Alison Jagger commented on this platonic metaphor in an article with the same title as my undergraduate thesis, .

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Her aim is very similar to mine to the extent that she attempts to show how important aspects of epistemology have been missed since the western philosophical tradition has largely considered emotion "as potentially or actually subersive of knowledge" (145).

In her view, however, Plato's metaphor does not represent an absolute "split between reason and emotion," but how "emotions were thought of as providing indispensible motive power that needed to be channeled appropriately. This correlates well with my interest particularly with Max Scheler who was a pioneer for uncovering the importance of affectivity for ethics, anthropology, and epistemology.

The gods, of course, soar with two noble steeds; however, the human charioteers, in their fallible and pathetic states, ride behind only one of noble descent and the other ignoble.

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