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That Dumbledore allowed it to continue beyond the first couple of weeks made him an accessory before, during and after the fact.

Ron, however, was so two-bloody-dimensional - shallow - I expected him to blow away like a sheet of parchment.

No, I'd have had Ron blasted through the Veil of Death; not Sirius. As for Harry, I could have seen him developing a relationship with any number of girls. I knew you would when I left you on your aunt and uncle's doorstep.

And, no; I do not believe I'm taking them out of context - go read the relevant sections for yourself.

Then there's Dumbledore's continuing to allow Snape - and, later, Umbridge - to abuse students. Right from 'Day Two' in first year, Severus Snape was engaged in abuse; with his primary target being Harry Potter.

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Well, I'm a public relations professional - with a degree in it, an' everyfing!

Blood Feud: Set in third year Dobby helps Sirius Black improve Harry's year at Hogwarts.

Elves capture Wormtail & Sirius plans to spend Yule with his godson.

In pretty much his first direct interaction with the boy, he abused him.

Dumbledore was fully aware of Snape's behaviour towards Harry, and should have been all over him for it like baby shit on blanket. Once should have seen him firmly reprimanded; the second should have seen him fired.

I think I would have cheered reading that with the thought, " him marrying Hermione.

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