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With this scheme, instead of having a separate app for each platform, content owners supply the function for each supported browser and authorized user can then stream the content.

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In this lecture, you can expect to: Learn how HTML uses semantic elements to structure page content. Learn how to add audio and video content using HTML5. Simply, semantic elements are HTML elements with inherent meaning.

Learn principles for testing on multiple platforms and browsers. As we've discovered in this course, many HTML tags have very specific meanings.

In this course, we've talked a lot about the importance of separating page structure (HTML) from presentation (CSS).

We've also touched on some of the ways that HTML5 has been evolving to streamline and improve Web coding practices.

By doing this they skirt the lack of the function in HTML5 and offer users a path to deliver the content.

The issue with this is that it takes us into a world where we have different implementations of the application for each desktop and mobile platform.

The EFF, whose motto is “Defending Your Rights in the Digital World,” believes that this could (not would) stymie Web innovation and block access to content.

Instead of it being a constructive addition to the HTML architecture, the EFF views it as an unwanted and unneeded special favor for Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

On the broad topic of DRM some examples and issues with current implementation are: The issue with all of this is that the innocent and the guilty suffer together.

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