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But before you jump on this wagon, I have to play the devil's advocate for a second here and confess that while I like this website, it needs some serious quality-check.

You can and will find decent and even excellent webcam shows with HQ cams and reasonable audio, but you'll also run in to a lot of junk on the way.

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Here you don't need to buy credit (AKA tokens) that you later on use to purchase live show minutes.

Here the sum of each show is deducted directly from your bank account, once you give in your billing info that is.

That's what happens when the global cams are really open for anyone, anywhere in the world.

You get some fun, interesting results and unbelievable prices, but the system is not without its risks.

Paying for Cam Videos Unlike other websites, where recorded videos are free or cost significantly less than webcam shows, on Cam Contacts they can be a bit expensive at times.

Sure, you can still find plenty for rock bottom prices, but I am telling you in advance: You better check before you start watching.

The number of host is around 44,600, but this really is estimation because chances are that while we had this conversation a few extra hundreds signed up.

That being said, many are offline or not active at all, and in many days there will be no more than 300 relevant adult performers online.

There are so many options that trying to make an average is really a guess at best.

Credit on Cam This is a good time to explain a bit about the strange payment system they have on Cam Conatcts.

Let me show you some nice webcam chat deals that this site has to offer and we can discuss the features, live show quality and others important, helpful facts.

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