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Nous venons de recevoir en avant-première ( My Burger aussi ) les dernières informations sur les nouveaux Mc Wrap de Mc Donald’s qui sortiront le 4 Mai prochain dans vos restaurants.

On retrouve donc 3 recettes : Mc Wrap Poulet & Crudités : 1 Patty de poulet grillé ou croustillant coupé en 4 Salade Batavia 2 tranches de tomate 2 rondelles de concombre Oignons Frits Sauce Tsatsiki Prix : 3,80 le Mc Wrap, 6,40 en Menu Best-Of, 6,90 en Menu Maxi Best-Of.

Risking his life by sneaking around her neighborhood.. Nude Girls Flexible Vika - Solo Standing up on the floor Vika plays the strings of her white bikini between her legs revealing her hairy labia.

Vika continues to undress while performing a variety of positions which highlights her flexibility.

It doesnt take long before a nice, young black man starts chatting her up and agrees to come over and satisfy her craving for cock.

But first, she warns him, he will have to sneak into her bedroom without waking up anyone in the house.

On retrouvera un packaging de couleur rouge pour cette version.

Nous disposons aussi d’autres news qui feront des heureux avec l’arrivée du Frappé Mangue Passion à partir du 18 mai, un retour de la campagne tasse Revol à partir du 18 mai, le retour du CBO à partir du 25 mai et une nouvelle campagne 280 Variations du 08 juin jusqu’au 19 juillet.

Sitting on the floor with her legs widely open Vika plays with her diamonds bracelet and plays it over her vulva and in between her buttocks.

She also pulls her meaty labia while holding her legs spread apart and finally sketches on her notebook and draws a daisy around her nipple. We've got a lingerie creeper in the house, but he could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble by just revealing to the beautiful homeowner of his intentions, because this babe loves getting fucked while dolled up!

On retrouvera un packaging de couleur orange pour cette version.

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