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They get into an argument; one says, "He's probably a spy - let's take his pants down and have a look." (an insult, not seriously believed). Ten-year-old Tadek (Jakub Wroblewski), a member of a Polish gang that preys on Jews, is floored when his mother admits she's a Holocaust survivor. (In a doctor's office: we see an ultrasound image of a baby.) Doctor: It's a boy.

So when she prepares the family to relocate to Israel, she tells the boy they're going to the exotic country he's always dreamed of: Australia.

Disney feel-good comedy about a lawyer, Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez), haunted by a childhood (ice) hockey failure, is sentenced for drunk driving to coaching a peewee hockey team. Yvan walks onto the soundstage with flowers, sees them all and faints. the smooth, glistening, shiny one on the left is intact and belongs to a 71 year old man. a riveting presentation about the history of circumcision. " "Eight days after birth, male Jewish babies have a bris, a ceremonial removal of the foreskin.

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Over a very tense first meal Mrs Focker whips out her scrapbook of Gaylord's childhood. Rebecca Taylor (Julianne Moore) gives birth to a boy at the same time as Gail Dwyer (Joan Cusak) gives birth to a girl, in spite of the assistance of Dr Kosevich (Robin Williams).

She comes () to a picture of a rabbi holding a baby and starts describing Gaylord's bris. Samuel Faulkner (Hugh Grant) and Marty Dwyer (Tom Arnold), the fathers, encounter the doctor outside the nursery. He replies that he has, and they should have a shot together, "but first, I'm just going to circumcise your son," and starts to go into the nursery.

Tired with typical first dates, Emily challenges Donald to a game of truth or dare. Meenakshi identifies Raja as her husband and he is spared, but it transpires that he is actually a Muslim, creating conflict with her strict Brahmin upbringing. Vincent: That'll be a measure of how Jewish he feels. Perhaps, he says, I might have been able to satisfy her if only my parents of blessed memory hadnt subjected me to a ritual circumcision at the age of eight days! Levirate marriage requires the brother of the deceased to marry his brothers widow (if and only if there was no issue from the original marriage).

She dares him to grab a man's buttocks, and he follows by daring her to blow out the birthday candles on a blind boy's cake. Official summary: Bridging two worlds, MRS GOUNDO'S DAUGHTER tells the moving story of one Malian mother's fight for asylum in the US to protect her two-year-old daughter from female genital cutting. (Back home) Nathalie: So he'll feel Jewish and inadequate? Alas, his condition is irreversible, and he has no choice but to rummage among his papers, find his marriage contract and begin divorce proceedings. Tsurik is frightened and wonders whether he is hearing the voice of God, an angel or his next-door neighbor, Lazer. The upshot is that Tsurik and Susan will once again take their vows beneath a wedding canopy.

Comedy about a young Italian-Canadian (Luke Kirby) coming out to his parents. A couple of wide-eyed boys witness the circumcision of the baby John the Baptist. There is a flick of the wrist, the two boys give a startled jump and scurry off.

They tell the parents of his hunky cop lover, Nino (Peter Miller), ending their affair. Two down-and-out Irish youths in London batten on gay men to get some money, using sex and/or theft.It is not clear how Mrs Henderson would know what a circumcised penis looks like. Sammir Dattani plays a mukhbir (informer) who has to assume various disguises - so many that you dont know his real identity. The Fockers gleefully tell how the heater was broken that winter and the mohel couldn't get "the turtle to come out of its shell." As Gaylord protests, they continue that that is why he ended up with a "semi-circ ... German army helmet." His mother-in-law to be picks a little ring of something out of the scrapbook and says "Don't say you kept his umbilical cord? Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is recounting all the penises she slept with while she was promiscuous." Mrs Focker exclaims, "Of course not, that's Greg's foreskin! (Vincent and Yvan are at a football game, ogling woman spectators.) Yvan: Do it for her. The camera shows dozens of faceless torsoes with penises of various sizes, races and hair colours - all intact.It came from Canada (or hell) and has a Catholic priest telling a circumcision joke at a wedding. It has not retracted in five years, and he has not had oral sex for the same time.

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