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Several Faubion employees told Weinstein they saw Whitehurst smack a male co-worker on the rear at a staff breakfast.

Lee documented in a memo to human resources that same day that she warned him to "never touch any of my staff members on their butts again!

She said she was mad at herself for being too afraid to speak up sooner. "Because he had done it to me." Caprice, who still works in the district, worries, that even with Whitehurst gone, a tolerance for intolerable behavior remains.

When Soto mustered the courage to report him, it was the first time, records indicate, that Oregon's largest school district received a detailed first-person complaint that the charming educator and coach might pose a threat to students.

But there are no records showing that the lawyer who investigated the complaint for the district ever bothered to talk to Soto, and Whitehurst went unpunished.

BY BETHANY BARNES Something broke inside 17-year-old Rose Soto when Marshall High teacher Mitch Whitehurst called attention to her pants. " Whitehurst said as he walked behind her up an empty stairway, according to an account she would tell police and school officials. You just unzip them and boom we're on it." The 2001 remark capped a year of unrelenting sexual advances from the Portland educator who'd tapped her to be his student aide, she told police.

More importantly, it served as an opportunity for Portland Public Schools to put a stop to Whitehurst's behavior.

She said she feared what would happen if she didn't.

She said she wanted to do the least amount required to get out of his apartment, Edgar's investigative report and notes says.

Edgar tracked down Caprice, who repeated what she'd told district officials in 2008 and in 2012, records show.

Then Edgar did something the district had failed to do: She contacted Caprice's friend, now a married professional in her early 50s.

While Chaka Khan was playing from the stereo, Whitehurst emerged naked, with an erection, she recalled.

According to Edgar's investigative notes, the woman gave Whitehurst oral sex.

"I suggested he was not helping himself by outright lying." Whitehurst pled guilty in December 2014 to misdemeanor harassment, for which he got probation.

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