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An almost identical definition and diagram are given on page 40 of Grosses Schach-Lexikon by K. What is known about the origins of this term, and Janowskys alleged connection with it?

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Parker Leeds, 8 January 1885 Two Knights Defence 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Nf6 4 Ng5 d5 5 exd5 Na5 6 Bb5 c6 7 dxc6 bxc6 8 Be2 h6 9 Nf3 e4 10 Ne5 Bd6 11 d4 Qc7 12 Bf4 O-O 13 Nd2 Nd5 14 Bg3 e3 15 Ndf3 exf2 16 Bxf2 Nf4 17 O-O Re8 18 Bd3 c5 19 c3 Bb7 20 Bb5 Re7 21 Bg3 Nd5 22 Qa4 a6 23 Bd3 Nc6 24 Rae1 cxd4 25 cxd4 Nxd4 26 Nxd4 Bxe5 27 Nf5 Re6 28 Bxe5 Rxe5 29 Rxe5 Qxe5 30 Qd7 Qc7 31 Ne7 Kf8 32 Ng6 Kg8 33 Qxc7 Nxc7 34 Bc4 Kh7 35 Bxf7 Bd5 36 Ne5 Bxf7 37 Rxf7 Nd5 38 Rb7 Rc8 39 h4 Rc2 40 g4 Nf4 41 Rb3 Re2 42 Rf3 Re4 43 Kf1 Nd5 44 Nd7 Rxg4 45 Ra3 Rxh4 46 Rxa6 and after a few more moves the game was drawn. Parkers win over Capablanca was in Sheffield on 8 October 1919.

We pick the former, from an exhibition in which Bird scored 13 2 =2: Henry Edward Bird J.

I endeavoured to follow the big group of Dutch and Russian chess masters and officials but was unable to gain a visa. Fortunately, these were very well annotated and there were also quite elaborate descriptions of the playing hall and the various circumstances that attend a great tournament. N.s 17 (see pages 135-136 of Chess Explorations) discussed Alfred Kreymborgs article Chess Reclaims a Devotee, which was reproduced on pages 6-18 of The Fireside Book of Chess by I. The article was undated, although the opening sentence began, Recently, after an absence of nearly 20 years from the chess world, I returned to the game of my first love... Cass) were published in Chess Review in 1938 (April, page 96 and June, page 133 respectively). Im quite certain that after Whites 21st move, a sound, though crazy-looking move, Black must lose. By the way, Ive written a play called Queens Gambit Declined, which is dedicated to the Club. On the same page of the magazine the task of constructing a double-check position without any move by a checking piece was described by Wolfgang Heidenfeld as follows: This is easy by using the e.p. The enjoyment of chess endings is an acquired taste.

3516 The time came when the event moved off to Moscow. then gave further details.] So I had to be content with studying the games of the Russian section of the tournament in the Soviet bulletins. It may be recalled that Kreymborg asserted that, after a painful loss to Chajes (in 1911), I resolved to have done with chess tournaments, chess clubs and chess forever after. It needs only four actors, but they have to be better actors than chessplayers. Kreymborg Edward Bradford Adams Manhattan Chess Club v Marshall Chess Club, New York, 12 March 1938 Nimzowitsch Defence 1 e4 Nc6 2 d4 e5 3 d5 Nce7 4 c4 d6 5 Nc3 f5 6 Bd3 g6 7 h4 h5 8 Bg5 Bh6 9 Qd2 f4 10 Nf3 Bg4 11 Bxh6 Bxf3 12 gxf3 Nxh6 13 O-O-O O-O 30 Qf1 Nxa5 31 Qh3 Re7 32 Qg2 Ref7 33 Rxg6 (33 Rxh5 would have been the natural finish.) 33... Readers wishing to examine databases for further play by Kreymborg should note that, for some reason, they often spell his name Kreymbourg. White replies dxe6 delivering double check without the pawn itself checking. Golombek (London, 1977) that double check was A discovered check in which both pieces check the hostile king .

Largest networked chess computer On 30 January 2004 Grand Master Peter Heine Nielsen (Denmark) played a game of chess against Chess Brain, the worlds largest networked chess computer.

Chess Brain consisted of 2,070 computers located in 56 countries, which simultaneously combined their processing power.Footage of old events (such as living chess displays featuring Capablanca and Alekhine, against Sir George Thomas and Bogoljubow respectively) can be viewed at the following site: Browsing through Testament d Alekhine by A. 164 reported that we had been in correspondence with the publishers of The Guinness Book of Records.Baratz (Paris, 1972), we have noted references to Alexandre, Andersen, Beck, Botvinik, Botvinick, Botivinik, Chmit, Cler, Flor, Golombec, Greenfield, Murphy, Nimtzovitch, Rechewski, Rechevsky, Reshevski, Saemish, Snoskoborovski, Tall, Tarasch, Tarrach, Tarrash, Taylor, Zemich and even, on page 169, Baratk. The result was that a number of the books inaccuracies were corrected and, in particular, subsequent editions added an entry on Capablancas small number of losses in his adult career and his unbeaten record between 10 February 1916 and 21 March 1924. John Hilbert (Amherst, NY, USA) points out that two games involving Kreymborg (a win against E. I am willing to claim that, page for page, a book of such endings offers perhaps the most rewarding pleasure that we can get from any aspect of chess. The solution was given as 1 Rc8 Kxc8 2 b7 Kb8 3 d5, and Reinfeld now blundered by commenting, He must play 3... Readers will require no prompting from us as to the fourth move for White actually intended by Selesniev. This game was chosen to represent the year 1916 in Jonathan Hintons 1999 book A Gnat May Drink and was the only one in the collection to feature an anonymous player. We would now add that the complete text had already been included in an earlier anthology, The Art of Chess Playing by E. Mitchell (New York, 1936); the acknowledgments page stated that it had originally appeared in The American Mercury (date unspecified). Below is the former, together with the American magazines introduction. The more you work with them, the more you will enjoy them. Brandreth on pages 152-153 of The Unknown Capablanca (London, 1975) when giving the following game, taken from Chess News, 1916, page 44: Jos Ral Capablanca N. New York, 11 January 1916 Queens Gambit Declined 1 d4 d5 2 Nf3 Nf6 3 c4 e6 4 Nc3 Bd6 5 Bg5 c6 6 e3 O-O 7 Rc1 dxc4 8 Bxc4 Nbd7 9 Bd3 Be7 10 O-O b6 11 Qc2 Bb7 12 Ne5 g6 13 Bh6 Re8 14 Rfd1 Nxe5 15 dxe5 Nd5 16 Nxd5 exd5 17 e6 f5 18 Bxf5 gxf5 19 Qxf5 Bf6 20 e4 Qe7 21 exd5 cxd5 22 Rc7 Qxc7 23 Qxf6 Qe7 24 Qe5 Rf8 25 Rd3 Qf6 26 Rg3 Kh8 27 Bg7 Resigns.There is no chess section at all, the only references to the game being four brief entries under various headings.

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