internet dating money scams - Advice on dating a married man

If you guys agree on Wednesdays and Thursdays, then that’s what you get.

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Since affair with a married man doesn't need to be sealed with a ring, these women can have their cake and eat it too.

Sometimes, the attraction towards married men stems from childhood trauma, wherein the woman may have experienced a feeling of abandonment.

Before giving any relationship advice for women involved in such turbulent affair, it would be enticing to know what attracts women to a married man.

Falling in love with a married man offers a thrilling and exciting experience for women who are fed up of their humdrum life.

Dating a married man is one such challenge, that some women may find quite alluring. Why is the urge to steal someone else's husband so irresistible that even women with sound conscience cannot forgo it?

Dating a married person is indeed morally demeaning, but above all, it is an emotional mess, which the woman involved in the relationship is expected to clear.

Let’s get one thing straight – he is NEVER leaving his wife for you.

He might promise and swear on his late mother’s grave that he will and that he is working towards it but sis, those promises are just as empty as the change APC promised Nigerians.

It is bad enough that you’re already sleeping with HER man and causing her some level of pain.

And irrespective of how you feel about it, don’t forget that he married her for a reason and most men do not appreciate their wife being disrespected (by anyone other than them).

So, here’s what I’ll tell you, there is no winning when you date someone else’s husband.

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