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To his right, a bullet or fragment ripped a silver-dollar-sized hole in the other pilot’s wrist, while yet another tore into his thigh.

As the first two days of Anaconda passed without him being sent forward, his frustration was palpable.“There were two things he was really passionate about: medicine and shooting,” Scott said.

Now, as the Chinook soared toward the heart of enemy territory, Cunningham was going to have an opportunity to put both skills to the test.

“His enthusiasm was just genuine to the core, which was what endeared him to us.

He was like a little brother.”One of the outcomes of Cunningham’s time with the surgical team docs was a decision to start sending the pararescuers out into combat with blood for transfusions.

The use of blood in the field is a controversial topic, according to Burlingame.“Blood is an FDA-controlled substance,” he said.

“It’s very, very regulated.” Special training, not to mention lots of paperwork, is required before medics are considered qualified to administer blood in the field.The 15-hour firefight cost more American lives — seven — than any other engagement to date in the war against terrorism. As the Chinook approached Ginger, the troops aboard received constant updates on the whereabouts of the enemy fighters who had captured Roberts. Enemy fire again met the helicopter, but this time the crew managed to offload the special operators and fly off.It was named after the first American to die amid the snowy, 10,000-foot mountains of eastern Afghanistan. forces in Afghanistan, approved the urgent request from the remaining SEALs on Razor 3 to return and look for their buddy.“The reputation of these guys and how they treat prisoners is pretty much known,” said an Army official in Bagram. Meanwhile, leaders at Bagram ordered the quick reaction force to launch.After Cunningham and Burlingame started talking, all the pararescuers here took the classes and filled out the paperwork.“We then pushed blood forward with [Cunningham’s] group,” Burlingame said.Despite his hard-core attitude, Cunningham had never been in combat, and he yearned for a chance to do his job in that most demanding of environments.It was then that the crew realized that in the chaos one of the SEALs — Petty Officer 1st Class Neil Roberts — had fallen out of the helicopter. headquarters at this sprawling air base, the night crew in the operations center maneuvered a Predator unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the movements of Roberts. Within minutes of falling from the helicopter, Roberts was captured and taken away by al-Qaida guerrillas. Even among the highly trained professionals of the special operations world, Cunningham’s dedication to his job stood out.“He had more motivation than any one man should have,” said Scott, one of Cunningham’s pararescue colleagues.

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