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She is most famous for her role of Max in the Disney Channel’s series The Suite Life of Jack and Cody.

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She has not yet revealed any of her past relationships.

Also it is hard to know if she has been dating anyone or has a boyfriend.

She never commented on the subject and it can’t be known for sure.

She seems to be focusing much on her professional life that she has little or no time left for her personal life.

She is not married and never had a husband or divorce.

When it comes to her private life she likes to stay tight lipped about it and maintains a no-nonsense attitude.

Speaking on, The Night Time Show Podcast, Alyson revealed that she was dating Cole Sprouse (a.k.a. Recounting her story, she added: “The first boy, I guess, that I had like a crush on and dated was Cole Sprouse. Perhaps that's why she doesn't want someone else to be its victim.

He and Victoria Justice had had a thing before me, so I was always super jealous, Not jealous. Speaking to her fans on the matter, she said, "There’s wisdom in being patient about how wholly you involve your heart, body, and mind in a person you’re getting to know. Be patient and use wisdom in letting your innermost places be laid bare for them. Love yourself." Of course, people should take time to decide if they are ready to be in love; otherwise, they will, almost definitely, get their hearts broken!

Alyson Stoner often releases dance videos to popular songs on her channel, but this week she decided to shake things up with special guests and a hilarious mock movie.

In a new Youtube video entitled “If Life Were a Dance Movie,” the dancer and singer reunites with some former co-stars and other famous dancers to joke about the formulaic nature of dance movies.

In this special episode set ten years in the future, a teenaged Phineas must decide between two colleges while grappling with the discovery that Isabella has had a crush on him since they were kids.

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