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Narmedeshwar/bana linga, means which has been made of natural narmada stone in form of lingam.

Narmada stones are very cheap but are only stones which are blessed by lord shiva himself that all stones from Else you have to do pran-pratishta which is very cumbersome affair and cannot be used in home.

These are available in all puja shop's specially in karnataka emporium. Or do a normal puja as above on any banks of river/sea and after doing shamayachana immerse the linga.

If you already have a shive linga other than parad or narmedshwar lingam then please don’t keep near or below tulsi plant . You can immerse all sand idols after doing their mental puja with asking prayer - aahwanam na janami najanami visaarjanam,puja karm na janami shamyantam parmeshwaram or parmeshwari,mantra heenam kriya heenam bhakhtiheenam sureshwaram/sureshwari yat pujitayam maya kshamyantam parmeshwaram/parmeshwari...

When you do pran-prathista then shiv ling cannot be moved from the place of stapanna, as all rituals as per hindu vedic rituals are to be done as being done in temples.

So you cannot place shiv lingam in home as you do sex, eat non-veg and do other natural calls in your home, so you not creating pure atmosphere thereby inviting lord's wrath unknowingly.

Do not keep your god's feet wet as they will not move to help you as in water they wait for you to complete charan praksahlaya as you other guest do when they arrive in your house.

For married couples specially the pradosh fasting and puja on regular basis is very very good for blissful and happy married life,always start this puja on pradosh falling on somvar and specially in waxing moon phase or called as shukla paksh,but if monday pradosh is not falling in near months and you want to start then start with any shukal paksh pradosh day.

Narmedshwar Linga are dark grey colour stones in a shape of lingam where on top there is one red patch similar to a man's lingam with a line joining from forehead to down.

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