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The practice of placing a date that has already passed on a contract or a check.On its own, this does not invalidate or negatively impact the contract or check, but it may affect how long it remains valid.

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The date on a BILL OF EXCHANGE, acceptance or indorsement is deemed to be the true date of the drawing, acceptance or indorsement unless the contrary is proved.

The date is relevant only in that it regulates the term of payment that bears reference to the date of the bill.

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For example, one may sign a 12-month contract on February 1 but antedate it to January 1.

Because the contract then states that it expires 12 months from January 1, it has effectively become an 11-month contract. LALME (while drawing methoddological insights from the much richer later material) in his |Tradition and innovation in South-West-Midland Middle English' (53-65) - a region comparatively well documented by, for example, the AB-language of the Ancrene Riwle texts, and |spanning a period of dynamic transition between traditional and innovatory approaches to the copying of literature' (65); I cannot see, however, that |sociohistorical linguistics' is involved here, the social data being next to non-existent for an touchinge my partners apparell I haue sent vnto her the graue determynacion of a taylor.We also looked again at other sources from this period, such as the huge Early English Books Online collection of printed books, or other collections of personal letters: we could find nothing similar to these uses coming out of the Shakespeare’s World project.It is notable that the sense occurs here as part of a phrase, “the partner of my life”, which basically explains the metaphor that is in play here (it’s interesting to compare the more recent collocation apparently meaning ‘spouse’ in letters dating from the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth.We looked closely at the contexts to verify how the word was being used.Simply input the word you would like in to the box and click define.

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