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Art historian Wolfgang Ullrich worries about the way museums are changing.

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It has now reached numerous museums across Germany.

Gallerist Johann König, who is based in Berlin, recently enlarged his program to include yoga courses.

Munich's renowned Pinakothek der Moderne invites visitors into the "magical kitchen" of German painter Paul Klee, by offering a cooking course with a celebrity chef whose recipes were inspired by Klee artworks.

Beyond traditional museums Are museums really in urgent need of new ideas to attract visitors?

On this afternoon, participants are asked to only look at one work by Max Ernst during their meditation.

They're to choose a drawing, painting or sculpture that enables them to reflect differently on their own body.

This combination of yoga and work by Dada art pioneer Max Ernst — a Brühl native and namesake for the city's modern art museum — might surprise some.

But in Mast's view, surrealist art and Indian spiritual and physical practice fit perfectly together.

It's Friday afternoon in the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl, a small city between Cologne and Bonn in the German Rhineland.

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