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Grid View选中,编辑,取消,删除: 效果图: 后台代码: 你可以使用sqlhelper,本文没用。代码如下: using System; using System.

Sql Client; public partial class _Default : System.

Message) End Try End Sub ---my stored procedure is as follows-- CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_Service Del] -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here @Service_ID int AS BEGIN -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from -- interfering with SELECT statements.

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hello my problem was that my gridview editable controls heep their old values. this is due to the grid view binding in the page_load method after every post back.

So what you need to do is store the data source (maybe in Session) and only bind rebind the data when you absolutely need to (Like during the Is Not Post Back) Do you understand?

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However, when I set that column to 'visible=false', I'm unable to retrieve the value. When debugging, I can see 'row' is populated, and has cell values available, but I'm guessing the cells aren't named and can only be referred to by index number.

For example you could have the following code:to store the information. Finally the code is bound to the When the user selects a record from the grid, the selected row index will be passed through as the Command Argument.

Run the project and place a breakpoint on the code above. The program will stop on the breakpoint and you will be able to see the selected row index being passed through. Please post the code for your Page_Load method and the that handles your Update (your C# code) so we can have a better look at what's going on. Please give some references and/or details of how to. This wipes out the data provided by the user during editing (editing happens after the page load). If you reset the Data Source at this stage, your values for updating will be lost. I actually don't know how to write the Row Updating function, I just found it from the internet, and so of course it's not working. Please give some references and/or details of how to. Ok what's happening is that you are binding the data source for the Grid View every time a postback occurs in the Page_Load method. Grid View正反双向排序: 效果图:点姓名各2次的排序,点其他也一样可以。 后台代码: using System; using System. Sql Client; public partial class Default3 : System. I've added a gridview to my project, and it's displaying and sorting properly. Also, I'm using a cache object, as seen in the code below, and I've never used that before. I'm not a big fan of drag and drop and then magic server pixies do the rest. I've found sever 'For Each' examples online to iterate through the 'New Values' and 'Old Values' collections, but it skips right over the loops, so the collections are empty.

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