Backdating medical certificates

This Hospital Letter Initiative is now being rolled out to all general hospitals throughout the country.The Hospital Letter will be available on wards and on each hospital’s intranet.

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Medical Assessors carry out medical review assessments, desk reviews and desk assessments of medical evidence/reports on patients to provide second medical opinions for the guidance of Deciding Officers.

Designed in consultation with the medical profession, the system operates under the overall direction of the Chief and Deputy Chief Medical Advisors.

Queries and completed applications can be submitted to: G. Registration Medical Review & Assessment Service Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection Elizabeth O'Farrell House19-28 North Cumberland Street Dublin 1 Tel: (01) 6732330 Fax: (01) 8729623 By email: [email protected] GP Certifier who wishes to undertake general medical certification must sign an agreement form MC8.

S/he should only use the certificates issued to himself/herself as a Certifier and not the certificates that were sent to his/her predecessor at a practice.

Patients will now bring this letter to their GP and ask them to issue them with a Medical Certificate.

In instances where a patient remains an in-patient, their relative may bring this Hospital Letter to their GP.Please note these are valid from the day on which they are signed and cannot be backdated.If your employer insists on a medical certificate for sick leave which has been less than 7 days you may be charged for a private sick note.The work of the Medical Assessors necessarily brings them into close relationship with Medical Certifiers.It is important therefore, that Certifiers should clearly understand the objectives of the Medical Review and Assessment System and the work of the Medical Assessors so that they are aware of how the system works and how effective co-operation between the Medical Assessors and the Certifiers helps to improve the efficiency of the Medical Review and Assessment System.To qualify for payment under one of the Department's illness related schemes, patients must satisfy certain medical conditions.

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