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During the year, campus construction was evi- dent in many areas. Members worked at football and basketball games parking cars.

A major addition was made to the College of Engineering with the building of Durland Phase II. They also attended the Octoberfest at Esben, where they held a lottery for two football tickets, sold K-State T-shirts and asked for dona- tions.

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But this year, more than ever, the stu- A sellout crowd and a nat ionai television au- dent and the university were redefining their roles. The benefits were many: physical fitness, development of team work, concentration, rhythm and a lot of fresh air.

Al- dience of 22 million watched as K-state defeated though the basic underlying pattern remained, providing strength and X^o^b^e^^u^dtm^Te Lpot^ security, significant changes occurred and the university took on a new lighting for the evening cost $50,000. A look around was all that was needed to see the effect of redefini- tion on the campus' outward ap- pearance. "Over the years, crew has been moving steadily up a staircase, from motivation and from the rowing ablity of the oarsmen," said Russ Mc- Callian, crew president and junior in political science.

These memories are laced with others of thoughtful walks through campus and late-night Vista runs. With the aid of Student Government fundings, the team was able to concentrate more on practice without hav- ing to worry about financial problems.

Those are the things that will never change, but yet, uncontrollable outside in- fluence caused some students to redefine their everyday life. With the blend of well trained, returning varsity and novice rowers, the tradi- tion of winning will continue for the team, Mc Callian said.

The typical pattern of the four-year student is becoming the exception rather than the rule and the assurance of a guaranteed job after graduation is rapidly fading. The struggle for the American dream grew increasingly more dif- ficult and the university as a whole had to cope with the changes. STUDENT DIETETICS ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Colleen M. These funds were earmark- ed for fuel for the motorboats, repairs and oarsleeves.

The lines for interview sign-ups were moved from outside Holtz Hall to inside Seaton Hall, and the competition for jobs was evident as the lines started forming as early as 10 p.m. Redefining meant re-evaluation and change, whether good or bad, and the 1983 Royal Purple attemp- ted to capture the effect of this pro- cess at K-State. Even with the allocation from senate, more money was need- ed.With loan and grant cutbacks, more students found themselves working to supplement their income. — by Tom Lore crew/ 181 Living the Sport Rugby team boasts best season ever Players of rugby prac- tically live the sport, no matter if they are at work or at school.While the whole nation ex- perienced an economic crunch the job outlook for graduates dim- med and competition ranged from grade point averages to who could be first in line for interview sign-up. With the promise of a winning football team, student ticket sales increased. It's always rugby, according to coach Michael Patten, senior in architecture.The 58th Landon Lecture featured a presidential visit by Ronald Reagan, which provided a rare educational opportunity. Varsity members practiced in the early morning, while novice members practiced in the afternoon.Lines Silhouetted against the blaze from the annual Homecoming bonfire two yell leaders perform a stunt. Practice was held at Tuttle Creek Reservoir as long as possible, then mov- ed inside for exercising and weight training when the lake froze. KU (University of Kansas) and WSU (Wichita State Universi- ty) row on rivers, where as here, when the lake freezes over we can't row, and it takes a while for the lake to thaw out in the spring," Coach Pete Hamma said.Alf Landon and President Ronald Reagan at the 58th Landon Lecture. The combined efforts of the light and heavyweight men resulted in a fourth-place finish. Y., June 5, the men's heavyweight four plac- ed 14th out of 17 teams.

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