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And while this is a respectful place, it’s also a site where you may be amazed at those tales surrounding the life in the wild west…

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American Countryside contact information: Andrew Mc Crea, American Countryside host (816) 351-2165 [email protected] Brand, American Countryside producer (816) 294-2381 [email protected] 1, 2018 Many fourth graders are required to study their states history.

If you live in Indiana you probably studied this name.

The shallow graves here are marked with piles of stones.

Yet, this place, like Arlington, is a well visited cemetery May 4, 2018 04May18 Tombstone Arizona 1 It’s a town named for what others thought would happen to its founder.

If you step inside you’ll learn the secretive, yet important work of the couple you lived there… 140 black granite panels containing over 58,000 names. A place where people come to reflect and a place where people often leave things behind…

May 25, 2018 25May18 Vietnam Wall 2 This Washington D. memorial is just a kid when compared to monuments to Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson that are nearby.Perhaps all of us should know the name and story behind this couple…May 31, 2018 Perhaps you’ve heard of “fair trade” products you can purchase in this country that guarantee the producers in developing nations are paid a fair wage for their work.This is the story of the book that took 13 years to complete…May 10, 2018 10May18 John J Audobon 1 Frankly, he had the makings of a man who would squander his family’s money and accomplish little in life.But it seems many in this town knew what was going on, yet there was good reason to simply carry on without saying a word…

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