Blocklist not updating

Comments/KB lists most welcome – or just tell me that I’d be making your life too complicated if I changed to a blocklist approach….

It now ( PM EST on 8/9/09) appears as though the servers are back online.

It will be re-used in the event the option is given or a current copy can not be retrieved or verified. It should work on any Linux system with Perl 5 and iptables.

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With the end of Get Windows 10 coming later this month, it may be time to give non-security patches a chance.

Just so you understand: I still recommend that you only install security patches on Win7 and 8.1 systems, but the next time MS-DEFCON 3 rolls around, I may change my tune.

You can use it to filter incoming traffic based on a static list maintained locally and/or one or more dynamic lists available on the web, such as's Highly Predictive Blacklist and The Spamhaus Don't Route Or Peer List.

The static list allows you to tailor rules to individual machines while dynamic lists help you stay up-to-date with current threats.

I have not recommend blocklists in the past, but these two lists are well worth considering.

I’m toying with the idea of changing the MS-DEFCON system so I no longer install security patches only.

After closing the List Manager window, Peer Block should automatically download the updated blocklists and re-generate the list cache. Or, if you're more of a "visual learner", i Blocklist has a video tutorial of this available.

The only remotely confusing part of this whole process may be selecting which of the i Blocklist lists you should use.

Blank and comment lines are ignored; others should have one or more whitespace-delimited fields as follows: Currently, I am not aware of any bugs in this script.

Rule optimization can slow things down significantly.

The fact remains: the Peer Guardian list servers are notoriously unreliable, and I still strongly recommend that people update their Peer Block configuration to switch over to the lists outlined in this post.

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