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She makes sure we come home with all the shots we need to edit a segment.

One of her favorite dives is the Airplane Graveyard in Kwajalein Atoll which she first visited on a film project with Jonathan in 2001.

Christine, a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, is a family medicine physician by training, working at a community health center in Massachusetts.

"When you're diving what you hear most is your own breathing, and your body can feel almost weightless.

It's an incredible feeling." Julia loves to dive in her local New England waters, but also enjoys travels to tropical climates for Blue World.

She has filled many roles with Oceanic Research Group and Jonathan Bird Productions, working as Production Assistant, Production Manager, Researcher, and camera operator on several films.

She was the Production Manager for The big pond out in back of Tim's boyhood home was the beginning of his love of watery animals.

Some of her most memorable diving experiences have been petting a Tiger Shark, having a Harbor Seal lie on her lap, and swimming with Whale Sharks.

Professionally, Julia's career is in information technology and she has worked in Financial Services for over 20 years.

Art has made programs for PBS, National Geographic, WGBH, A&E, The Family Channel, USA Network, and WCVB-TV, Boston.

He also works on the radio part-time as a news anchor on all-news radio station WBZ in Boston.

Her planning and leadership skills have come in very handy as a Line Producer for Blue World.

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