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I wrote: Our characters are forged in the crucible of what we survive. And because of your trusting love for your family, and your church, you let them.

In surviving the worst survivors of IFB have become the best. You served them with everything within you that loves.

→ Christians are called to remain steadfastly separate from the world and its sinful practices and temptations, such as movies, dancing, and any music with an addictive rock beat.

→ Educating children at home or in IFB K-12 schools is necessary in order to protect them from the knowledge and ways of a fallen and corrupt world.

If the crying turns to a true, wounded, submissive whimper, you have conquered; he has submitted his will.

If the crying is still defiant, protesting and other than a response to pain, spank him again.

Each of these institutions are led by men who themselves “graduated” from one of the three.

Invariably these men insist upon being called, and calling each other, “Dr.” This meritless affectation is never born of any legitimate scholastic accomplishment, and is virtually worthless outside of the insular world of IFB.→ Men alone are suited to be the head of home and church.→ For a woman to be pleasing to God she must always and in all things remain perfectly submissive, first to her father and then to her husband. → Homosexuals are evil perverts who despise God and should be kept away from society generally and children especially.IFBs also generally believe that the will of a child must be broken before it ever has a chance to develop: a fussing or crying baby is exerting its selfish will.That will needs to be eliminated, since wherever human will is God’s will cannot be. If, after putting him down, you remember he just woke up, do not reward his complaining by allowing him to get up.By way of justifying infant “training” and the continued “submission of the will” of children, IFB parents point to these lines in The Book of Proverbs: by fundamentalist Christian minister Michael Pearl and his wife Debi, is very popular within the IFB. You are to rule over him as a benevolent sovereign. If God’s love is expressed by the “whippings” He gives, then can we not love our children enough to chasten them unto holiness? For the sake of consistency in training, you must follow through.

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