speed dating cleveland heights - Brad womack dating bettina bell

- Sean doesn't think it's fair that women have to go home just because they lose the challenges he sets out for them.

And it's certainly not fair that no one likes Tierra just because she's a monster to everyone.

Sean punishes Desiree for having a brother who sized Sean up exactly right.

- Tierra discovers that there are only so many times you can play the "I'm an emotional train wreck who resorts to faking injuries and tear to manipulate people" card so many times before even a cementhead like Sean reaches his limit.

Angela's roommate hates him and her family couldn't care less about him. - Aaron likes Helene's ass and Brooke's insecurities, but doesn't like Christi's mental instability or Shannon's...something. Brunette Heather slips on her second face when Brooke isn't around.

And some women freak because Aaron gave Helene his phone number.

Isn't it when you cry and you're also old, scaly, and reptilian? That's just the way Bob rocks the slang up here in this hizzy.

- Three overnight dates, three discreet camera exits when things get...well, when they get all overnighty. - The rejected women return to blather, bicker, and bore us all with justifications for their desperate, pathetic, or just-plain-crazy behavior.

And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout.

But there is no joy in Clarksville; mighty Kacie has struck out.

- Somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright.

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