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There are several ways you could approach the situation. Tell her that you will not put up with it any longer. You may then wish to call the police and charge her with assault and battery. A few months ago, I told my husband that I wanted a divorce.

He has not paid our mortgage since, even though he has the money.

Alohio, I think that a lot of abused women feel they deserve it. They may have heard this from their abusive parent.

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Breaking dating violence cycle

However, you have to stay tough, and not back down when he is nice, and goes through the "roses" phase. I must first say, Lumpyso, that it is not your fault!

Yet somehow, and you probably don't know how you are doing it, but you are sending out messages that you are fearful.

If you are really ready to assert your rights, then I suggest that you call the police when he hurts you, then get a restraining order.

If you feel that you would be in danger, then go to a shelter.

But it is difficult to break out of a mindset one has had all their lives. Bein, my twenty-two year old daughter is in an abusive relationship. Because at her age, she may feel that she has a right to live her life the way she chooses.

Here's the link to the Healthy Abuse Issues Community. She has been physically ill and is afraid that if she doesn't have sex with her boyfriend, he will go find it somewhere else, so she gives it to him. However, you can point out to her that she deserves more.

However, this niceness only lasts no more than three to four days.

Once he thinks he has me back, he turns into the monster again. I want to get out of this, without having to hear the begging and crying from him that he is sorry and will never do it again.

our guest, who is a licensed psychologist and specializes in abuse, trauma, and family problems will be discussing and answering questions dealing with domestic violence and domestic abuse and how to become free from the cycle of abuse. Perhaps they are looking for someone like their abusive parent, although, they don't consciously realized they are doing this.

This is what they know, and it is difficult to change patterns.

This may be your body posture, closing yourself in front with your arms, the way you look at someone, or other non-intentional ways that you show you are powerless, however, this is correctable!

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