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Since we pretty much started shooting 3b, I was looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to having him on the show. He does such a great job and adds depth to the character without taking away the qualities that have already been established.I’m just excited to see what the character Jesus will be going through in the near future.

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Jake recovers, but at the beginning of the second season, the precinct has a new captain, Nancy Santiani, a stern, by-the-book taskmaster who immediately rubs the detectives the wrong way.

Rather than transfer to another precinct, Broderick voluntarily takes a demotion to Senior Detective and partners with Laura, while Detective Billy Soto teams up with Detective Meredith Bose, with whom he has begun a relationship.

He's currently dating Jennifer Lambert and I'm afraid to tell him that I still love him.

JJJ: In the promo, Brandon tries to encourage Callie with the Fost and Found stuff.

It is evolving into this very strong connection, but in a different way where they do check in on each other every now and then and want to see each other be happy.

However, they also can’t fully be there for each other just because of everything that has happened up to this point. JJJ: Someone leaves a cryptic message about Callie hooking up with her foster brother. DL: Well, it will definitely be answered and I can’t say too much without alluding to who it may be.JJJ: Speaking of them hooking up, if or when that gets out to the rest of the family, who do you think would be the most upset by it?DL: I think it would be the biggest bomb to drop on the family, especially because it would mean that everything would have to change in terms of the household.It is possibly a new person to confide in and it will be interesting to see how their relationship pans out.JJJ: Looking back to season one, what do you think has been the biggest change in Brandon?DL: I think he has been humbled a few times since season one.

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