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“We’re all best friends,” admits Grey, who re-introduced Moennig to the turntables.

“She used to spin in New York’s East Village in the Nineties.

Más tarde asistió a Berklee College of Music, donde conoció a su compañero en la banda Mellowdrone, Jonathan Bates.

At this point, she’s surpassed me in gear,” laughs Grey.

The celesbian DJs pride themselves on separate sounds.

Southwest maintains that the flight crew received several passenger complaints characterizing the behavior as excessive.

There are two stories being told in a growing controversy between Southwest Airlines and actress Leisha Hailey of fame and her girlfriend Camila Grey. The women said in a statement today that they are in the process of filing a formal complaint with the airline after they were escorted off of their flight this week for being affectionate with each other.

In no way were our actions on Southwest Airlines excessive, inappropriate or vulgar.

We want to make it clear we were not making out or creating any kind of spectacle of ourselves, it was one, modest kiss.

“I grew up in Austin, and with the Chronicle,” says Grey, who left Austin in 1998 after graduating high school – “not to date myself.

It’s been a minute since I lived [in town], but I still consider it home and still have family there.” She’s also looking forward to participating in this historic Pride that will be forever known as the first, post-marriage equality. There was no Gay Straight Alliance at my school.” Grey’s timely return was orchestrated by the lez-event production company, Girls With Flair! Yes, the same ones that brought Ruby Rose to Austin, not once but twice.

My look at 12 gay performers who’ve won Emmys Lauren Bacall would have been 93 today – here are some random videos from the great star’s career Celeb Instagram: Billy Eichner & Dolly Parton! The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight,” the airline said in a statement.

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