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I remember when I was six years old and was so excited because I saw my teacher getting out of a car in my driveway and walking up to my porch to visit me! She was there to visit my parents, because she was their friend.However, I thought she was there to visit me, and I’ll tell you what – when she came in that door, she made it feel like she had come to visit me.

The planet entered a long glacial stage known as Marine Isotope Stage 6 (MIS6) that lasted until roughly 123,000 years ago.

A detailed record of Africa's environmental conditions during glacial stage 6 does not exist, but based on more recent, better-known glacial stages, climatologists surmise that it was almost certainly cool and arid and that its deserts were probably significantly expanded relative to their modern extents.

Proverbs 27:9 says: In those drives to and from Shadyside, and in the process of huffing and puffing around that lake, I received a lot of sweet counsel from Linda.

So Linda Knight was instrumental in molding me academically, but she was also instrumental in molding me as a person. He sees a friend, and they walk together on the streets of gold.

But anyway, she was my first grade teacher at Columbia Elementary School. It was on 8th and Madison, where the Village Pantry is now.

I don’t remember much of what went on at that school, but I remember a lot about what went on in Miss Knight’s class.

If I could teach you, teacher, I’d show you the positive effect you have had on me and my life.

I was blessed to have Linda Knight as a teacher, but I was doubly blessed, because she eventually became my friend as well.

Back then the climate was mild and food was plentiful; life was good.

But around 195,000 years ago, conditions began to deteriorate.

Yet studies of the DNA of modern-day people indicate that, once upon a time, our ancestors did in fact undergo a dramatic population decline.

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