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If you choose to ignore keyfiles, as I do, then this is something you should investigate.) # # /var/lib/cfengine2/masterfiles/inputs/# # Master cfagent file on the server, # control: domain = ( ) access = ( root ) cfrun Command = ( "/usr/sbin/cfagent" ) actionsequence = ( files directories tidy resolve ) maxage = ( 7 ) # # Fix some basic file permissions.

cfengine client not updating-86

This simplifies the description of the setup enormously; but it does weaken security.

(With a bit of firewalling it is possible to setup each client such that it only accepts connections from the central host.

This is how you want to do it - not fixed at a given time.

N hosts each with NTP-synchronised clocks all going off immediately will kill your server/network! Here's my schedule parameter : # schedule = ( Monday.(Hr09|Hr10|Hr11|Hr12|Hr13|Hr14|Hr15|Hr16|Hr17) # Tuesday.(Hr09|Hr10|Hr11|Hr12|Hr13|Hr14|Hr15|Hr16|Hr17) # Wednesday.(Hr09|Hr10|Hr11|Hr12|Hr13|Hr14|Hr15|Hr16|Hr17) # Thursday.(Hr09|Hr10|Hr11|Hr12|Hr13|Hr14|Hr15|Hr16|Hr17) # Friday.(Hr09|Hr10|Hr11|Hr12|Hr13|Hr14|Hr15|Hr16|Hr17) ) schedule = ( Monday.

The fine documentation will explain the process of generating the keys with the command , and copying/renaming the keys appropriately.

However due partly to misleading error messages and a lack of good discussion this is a common stumbling point. we'll now look at actually installing it and using it for real on a number of different hosts. The rules will come from one central host and be automatically pushed to a collection of managed servers where they will be executed. probably meant to be not Thanks again for the articles, they hit the spot. Another strange thing is the "antispam" feature that prevents frequents updates: how can I disable this for testing purposes ? chesty It's not clear to me which is the parameter that schedules updates pushed to the clients (or they are pulled to ? This says to run each hour sometime between 30 and 35 minutes past the hour. To run more times per hour you could add something like this: I'm trying to make cfexecd run on week days, during work time.

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