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This brand new informative DVD will get them ready for company training, how you want things done and the ability to speak with some knowledge about the apartment biz!Buyers are buying differently, however many of us are still trying to sell the same old way! Maybe it is time to ask yourself some tough questions.

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I first met Kylie Minogue when I co-presented the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Marc 'Lard' Riley.

She had agreed to sing on the show at 7am, something not all singers were prepared to do.

She was named one of the Top Trainers by Multi Housing News and she is the host of the Multi Housing Pro TV show "Fair Housing Focus" Her most sought after topics include Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations and Retention, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Leadership Skills and Dealing with Generational Differences...customizing topics is her specialty.

On a personal note, Anne is ecstatically married, has two spoiled dogs and 2 noisy parrots, a large family and loves living a joyful life!

She thanked Marc and me for keeping her in the minds of the public at a time when she wasn't doing quite so well. The guest list included TV presenter Cat Deeley, camp comic Julian Clary and Boy George, the enormous homosexual community servant. By the time Marc and I were encouraged by some histrionic goon to take our seats, we still hadn't received a question card but we were past caring, having discovered a hitherto unknown love of tepid Cava. Chef Gordon Ramsay, who was sitting nearby, turned to us and said: 'Brilliant, lads. Worse, Kylie was booked to appear on our show the next day.

Between songs, the fragrant Kylie would hand-pick the next questioner and halfway through the show she stopped in front of us and said: 'Well, I can see two gentlemen there looking down at me.' Assuming that comedians Hale and Pace were behind us, Marc and I turned round to catch a glimpse of the burly duo. We apologised as profusely as we could, but was it my paranoia or had a little of her warmth towards us gone? I first saw David Bowie on Top Of The Pops in 1972 doing Starman.She specializes in teaching people skills and believes that "where the rubber hits the road" is when people actually come face to face.She makes a difference and helps create success in both business and personal lives.Putting it on in my bedroom, it became clear from the opening bars of the first track, Five Years, that the future I had been waiting for had arrived. The Bowie look was intoxicatingly daring but presented problems for the pubescent imitator.Even if you were lucky enough to stumble across a Japanese-print jumpsuit in Bolton, you ran the risk of getting a good kicking if you wore it in Yates's Wine Lodge.Mark Radcliffe, 50, is one of Britain's most popular and enduring DJs.

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