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Working together on Gogglebox – watching telly at the same time – meant Mary and I suddenly no longer lived like two intimate strangers, Mary working from 6am till 8pm, then falling asleep slightly drunk at 9pm; me gardening from 1pm till 3.30pm, when I have lunch, and then going to bed at two in the morning after watching vintage horror films. It took public interest in our relationship to make us think about it objectively. As people grow old they change and their interests diverge, although Mary claims that while she moves with the times I have been ‘stranded in the 1970s’ and so we are living in parallel universes.

We are told that opposites attract but sometimes our marriage feels like Brexit Leave and Remain.

The signs of incompatibility were always there: Mary is upwardly mobile and socially incontinent, while I am downwardly mobile and want to buy a static caravan to reduce costs and restrict my social life to other likeminded, worthy folk interested in the proactive conservation of moths and butterflies.

I want to mix with people who can advance my knowledge rather than my social status.

Mary has been staying in Austria with our neighbour who has a second home there.

I was asked, too, but it rained every day the last time I was there. No longer needed as escorts to house parties, neither are we needed as breadwinners, map-readers, not even as builders.

That is why it was so good when Gogglebox came along to help us to achieve something together.

Mary is away in London for a few days so it falls on me to keep the show on the road and, being colour-blind with no specific training about different fabrics, I tend to dive into the laundry cupboard which is situated – against common sense – in the kitchen near foodstuffs; conditions which, if replicated in an Indian restaurant would force its closure.

The sessions taught us a valuable lesson: that a couple will make no progress if they speak at the same time.

Mary and I found that just being able to express our grudges without the other interrupting was therapy in its own right.

But we had got out of the habit of discussing things.

Gradually we realised we were enjoying the Gogglebox preambles – indeed they became an essential cog in the wheels of our marriage because we had to take it in turns to speak.

Ever since, during arguments, we have used an oven timer to take turns, each allowed five uninterrupted minutes to put our point across.

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