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I don’t know how to address these mistakes with her.Emailing her hasn’t worked (she either doesn’t read my emails or chooses to ignore them), and when I speak with her she smiles and nods but doesn’t actually correct the calendar.I told my manager about this and she said nothing will probably change but she will document it, anyway.

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She also has a lot going on with her family and health issues, so she is often over-stressed and away from her desk taking calls from doctors/schools/etc.

HR now knows about this problem employee and they claim they are investigating it, and my manager has said many times that she wants this employee fired but she takes no steps to document the employee’s behavior unless I tell her in writing to do so.

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Honestly, I just think that she doesn’t understand the importance of some of these events, and maybe struggles with technology and/or reading comprehension.

Going forward, what should I do when I see mistakes on the calendar? You’ve tried bringing the mistakes to Mary’s attention but that hasn’t worked, so you need to let your boss know what’s going on.

Do you think it would be best for me to cut my losses, search for a job at another company and take chances elsewhere rather than sticking it out here? This coworker is gradually getting more aggressive.

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