Chely wright dating anyone

“I have a lot of regret for how that began and had a middle and ended,” she says. “Doing anything with someone you shouldn’t be doing something with—having sex with him, kissing on him, going into a movie and holding hands with a man when you’re a lesbian—feels wrong,” she says. “The simplest thing I can tell anyone is, do not close the door,” he says. It’s been incredible.” Oprah: Did you think you would lose your career? Oprah: But it was worth it to you to take the risk? Oprah: What made it worth it to you to take the risk at this time in your life? “I’ve been whispered about in country music for a long time. The word ‘lesbian’ has been used as an insult,” she says. You can say my songs are stupid, but I won’t allow the word ‘lesbian’ to be used as an insult toward me anymore.” Today, Chely is living her truth for the first time. “This is who God made me to be, and of course I came out because if I don’t, I will never be whole.” Chely also hopes her story helps men and women like herself. I’m uniquely positioned in my culture of country music.

Chely wright dating anyone

Now they’re eager to embark on the “adventure,” as Blitzer-Wright puts it, of motherhood.

“When gay couples have babies it’s logistically a little different than when straight people have babies as we all know,” Wright told Bragman, adding that she had been suffering morning sickness in the evenings.

The country singer, 42, is expecting identical twins with her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright.

The couple announced the news Wednesday on Howard Bragman‘s You Tube show .

I promise to be a good person” and Chely says that country music has never had a musician acknowledge that he or she is gay and she has wanted to be a country artist since she was 4 years old, so she knew she had to hide that she was gay. She also details dealing with rumors and having to deny it and lie about it and how she hit rock bottom, which is when she started writing her book. More Chely Wright dish: GLAAD supports Chely Wright Country singer Chely Wright absolutely, positively comes out!

, and her decision to share with the world that she is a lesbian.I knew it would ruin my career.” But, in May 2010, Chely made the decision to stop living a lie.In her memoir, On and off for 12 years, Chely says she carried on a secret affair with a woman she calls “Julia,” the love of her life.With each rung of the ladder I climbed, people wanted to know more,” she says.“Had you told me in 2000, had you said, ‘You’re going to be the first chart-topping country music singer to step forward and acknowledge her homosexuality,’ I would have laughed in your face.The two women even lived together for a short time, but few people knew the truth about their relationship. We didn’t allow many people to visit our home, but those who did enjoyed seeing her bedroom and my bedroom,” Chely says. If it looked crazy, it’s because it was.” In 12 years, Chely says only five people knew she and her partner were more than friends. The duality of my existence was so much work.” When their relationship ended in 2006, Chely says she was heartbroken and left without anyone to confide in. “I couldn’t find a way to get the pieces of my life to fit, and [I thought]: ‘I’m trapped. I couldn’t do it anymore.” Chely says she took out her 9mm gun and put it in her mouth.

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