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The Chicano Movement incited many Mexican-Americans and those who identified as Chicanos to fight for their place in institutions such as the art world.

Initially it was defined by protest, cultural markers, class struggle, and the political, economic, and cultural fight against racism.

Soledad Alatorre and Bert Corona set up the Center for Autonomous Social Action(CASA).

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The LA Times journalist Rubén Salazar who was killed by an L. sheriff's deputy during the Chicano Moratorium March against the Vietnam War, defined the Chicano identity as, "A Mexican-American with a non-Anglo image of himself." However, the term Chicano has grown to include more than just Mexican-Americans but most Latinos who choose to identify as such.

The term Chicano itself has also morphed over the years to be written with an X as Xicano or Xicana.

The report that emerges after the end of the project underlines the societal conditions present that maintained Chicanos in a state of subjugation.

The United Mexican American Students(UMAS) and the Black Student Union(BSU) unite, and Rosalio Munoz is voted in, becoming the first Chicano elected as the University of California at Los Angeles' Student Body President.

The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach in late 2015 just withdrew their NO Chicano art rule.

And most recently, talks of the first museum dedicated to Chicano art are being had with well-known Chicano art patron Cheech Marin heading the project. Karen Mary Davalos Chon Noriega Twitter @chonnoriega Pilar Tompkins Rivera -- art historian, curator and director of the Vincent Price Museum.

Today, Chicano art is still influenced by those original tenets but stretches beyond any one identity constraint.

It is important to note that although not always given credit, the Chicano culture has come to influence many facets of art, fashion, typography trends, street art, photography, and film.

Enjoy a family-friendly cultural extravaganza at San Diego’s Chicano Park Day Celebration, an annual outdoor party in historic Chicano Park.

The festival features traditional music and dance performances including ballet folklorico and Aztec Dance.

Organized by the Third World Liberation Front, the strike marked by confrontations between students and police, yield the creation of Black, Asian, and Raza Studies Departments housed under the umbrella of a proposed College of Ethnic Studies.

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