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Finish up with a cigar and a drink at Mardi Gras at 372 Xingguo Lu.

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They show off their child's best attributes by writing their details on a placard or piece of paper (a bit like a resume), and pegging it to a branch.

It lists their height, weight, interests, education and may include a photo. Although anything with dust here is called an antique, if you're looking for Mao memorabilia this street can't be beat.

The latter can live out their fantasies at the human panda reserve that is Mr & Mrs Bund where the French Toast is like a creme brulee in the form of bread.

There are several iconic Shanghai experiences, and Brunch at The Stage in the Westin Hotel is one of them.

Where else can you get a live performance and a delicious bowl of noodle soup for less than $5? The relaxing scalp (and shoulder, if you're lucky) massage is worth the price tag alone, but you'll also end up with shiny tresses straight out of a fashion mag.

The best part: most salons are open until midnight.

Fortunately, they have scurried out across Shanghai to set up new colonies.

Bars where you can find regulars and can stay all night quaffing beer abound.

Deriving its name from Hindi (bet you didn't know that, did you? We could go on about the history and how, even today, the city's most respected business, loved restaurants and infamous clubs all call the Bund home, but we don't need to. Go ahead, be a tourist and take a photo as the speedometer hits 431 km/h.

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