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To read responses through text using Voice Over, you will then need to flick to the right 3 times, but if you leave Siri’s speech on, you will automatically get a verbal response.

Speaking of voice feedback, there is a new Siri female voice which some find sounds more natural.

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If you have ever been a person who finds answering calls to be a challenge for any reason, there is now the option to have calls answered automatically.

Go to Settings Auto Answer Calls to configure this setting.

This can be easily used to almost have a secondary Accessibility Shortcut since you can simply invoke the Control Center, and enable any of these options.

This can come in handy for users who utilize different accessibility tools within the operating system at different times.

Please note that this article is not intended as a comprehensive guide to i OS 11; rather, it is designed to document changes likely to be of particular interest to users who are blind, have low vision, or who are deaf-blind.

Before proceeding, I would like to acknowledge the hard work that went in to documenting the visual modifications in i OS 11 done by Ryan Pugh of the NFB’s International Braille and Technology Center.

This makes it possible to perform queries silently.

For Braille display users, coupled with another i OS 11 feature discussed below, you will now be able to fully utilize Siri from a Braille display without interacting with the touchscreen.

While I've been running the betas since June, I am certain I will learn of more changes as the masses get their opportunity to play with the update.

While I consider myself a decent Tech Detective, I’m sure there are things I’ve missed.

Other blogs and videos will cover these changes, but as is the case with all major i OS releases dating back to i OS 5, there are many changes specific to accessibility which may not be well documented.

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