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A large increase in the purchase price of a property within a short time span may reflect the construction of a building.

Also, an easement granted to a gas or electric company may suggest a recent addition to the property. Tax Appraisal Records Tax Appraisal Records are indexed by property Parcel Number and are housed in the office of the Franklin County Auditor, 373 S. The records begin around 1920 and show the sequence of owners, tax revisions, and taxable improvements.

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A search by address is available beginning with the 1911 directory.

Title Deeds The source for determining property ownership is a title deed.

They also contain a record of special assessments showing nature of public improvement and amount of assessment and record of exempted real property. Census Records The United States government takes a census of the population every ten years. Ancestry Library Edition is available for use at all Columbus branch libraries.

The census showing individual names is released to the public after 72 years so the most recent census of names available is the 1940 census. Heritage Quest is available at all Columbus branch libraries as well as from a remote computer.

There are many sources to consult and many avenues of research to attempt, although each one may not produce useful information for each house.

Many variables come into play including the age and location of the house.

Each is divided in chronological periods, such as 1803-1888, 1889-1903, 1904-1913, etc.

Many deeds have been scanned and are accessible on the County Recorder's website.

The Franklin County Auditor’s website shows a recent photograph of most properties.

The library maintains two databases that contain selected historic photographs and other information that may provide productive leads.

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