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The last recorded frame on each microfiche shall contain the symbol —^ (meaning "CON- TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), whichever applies. The following diagrams illustrate the method: L'exemplaire film* fut reprodu.t gr Ace k la g*n«rosit« de: Biblioth«que nationale du Canada Las images suivantes ont «t« reproduites avec le plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition at de la nettet* de l'exemplaire fklm«, et en conformit* avec les conditions du contrat de filmage. ^L^'"^.^K' °^^- r' ^^ ^^^^ *° - but expressed with S.finteti„H„ ^o^^'hing like this, written from Rye B^oh to R„t7Tf '^''*' *« had «^«»e. Well, well 1 If you ar S contented, my dear " ^ " How can you 8ay such a thing, papa ? not have fo Uowed Ter*^ ^ " "''''' ''»'■ ^^'her, who could „Kobert! "Because, Ty"„u*wl"«*'~^;'»'''"'rt." - 9»ite recon Sled t;^Te Vi;;*,2lr t'i^»» ^* ^ « o — WQ IV Has A woman's reason. He made amotion for her to sit beside hi'm o«^ ^-- that I alw^ Jd^^. J'P^' "^ ^e" It out to say, ■' You should h Zj^ '*""'• . "y prfo™ances rehearsal before the Xor^ ^'"' "^"^ *'^°ti°g of the io? " ^ ^"'^ ^'^ ^* ^s something 4^^'^rtl T^^^ reverential a little patronage to S him ^ °? minx, he said admirinfflv in ff2i7 m, ^*^" are a back his head and pulled at hi. but I m^erft Ha^kner' t.^*'"°^ ^^^^^^« uncommonly fine about it ^T" ^^^''^^ something by sticking-'to any old order tf T^'*%*^ be a no^g *bmk of the ancien regime s L^y^ ^f ^^^'^^^ ^ne Why, you're still of the o Kf t'^^}^''^ ^ look at you stately and gorgeous traffic^^^^^^^^^ don and Salem have com" f« " °* ^""^ *^«bon and Lon- — — — vv. 43 H^kne Ts Ts Ke."^ '^'^^ '""''^ ^ *^« -^ t^en." said J^^f'J ^°°'^ ^''? We don^ consider ma Sl'thig tertrr fie atuted^iirt Krotir/''^? She imagined that the cap- tain wflfl Hfill oii.;.,^ „* xi.- t_- j-- , j^ ^^ " , .r o,^ i^ ~xu r 7"'^^"«y* wiu iuuia irade. w T**§« ^^ *»^« ^P- finer spirit a Sd of gentler naturf.^^l*''''^^^^^^ ™ of tion, she perceived that it °«! »J«e Scotch Stuff anri IT 1 , "► Kay aaked the Jadies if ih ^ girls Km to^tf *?? g »« but what Mnused H^'^' """"ft^raoo Za S^L °- " "' Her instinct won M nf* P»S^'Ons and accomr Zv ^^^ ho-r of Pride in rt." *"*»• hw to affi S^T'J"'*'"^ on the St t S **"' P^nd as she ^ 'f t? 5." •PP™« to Tndeat™/ "^^ «q««I to it, after^'^d^"sit Helen, "m S ^mt" «"Pper. li** iuanau Jooked gratefu JJv «.f i, *^'*"^' ne is »«r/gc/ / » H,elen was generous hn?! once that his '"far down in e^en discover- f having just id when they ' 'em in other adp Jay;and boat-song he Jat made the oitanta, and i, done with charmingly. « So nice" he said, as they sat a little apart, after Ray had attempted a diversion with another Canadian barcarole, "to be able n th Ys St^' -^-f M-"' ^^S^- , ^"^ '' i«^'^ ^^^y ^om Zn m the states, is it. " "I don't understand Do you mean that we don't commonly know Canadian boat-songs ? " Helen affected to " I heard it was an Americanism," said Mr. laughing at the pretence she made, with her downward mg of the Canadians when I spoke. I wa^ at a place last month-Old Beach or Old Orchard-something like that-where the nn o / *? Rainford seemed carried quite beyond himself by t'l^r^Al Ti^^^^^^^^^^^ } e-t admit tha^ m A«* „r Zl ^Vit^' ^-^ "*'^ "• ^""^ ^eai 01 au amuse- ment at the seaside that I was told was not verv serious." 58 * A WOMAN'S HM80N girls. ^ 60 A Woman's beasok mamma on the ve™„rr Wh7if'ca:v°J' "'««' ^"^ vehemence, his tone Sedt^^'* ? th Ts S"^^Thr B««er » '^-"b V asked out his handkerchief atd hu T* l'""* »''« »» Wm S '■•th hi, fe,, sti U hldd^^ ne ™T '"• "■ """» ^"down Kay 9uick]/helped th^m fel ^^'J *» ""erawl^Xm ro^s ? " 1 "p«'.j*'8«o°»em«e surprise," said Ray, beginning to laugh "Do you like yurprises, Miss Harkness ? " she gasped, weakly pulling back a little from her close embrace, and facing her There was an instant in which the elder woman "dwelt upon her with all of compassion and implorinff in her eyes. I felt just now that papa must be here Ever since he died he has been with me sle- W T I '^7u V^^ ^/^y '^ ' ^^'^^ °° ^'-ds can ever tell how I have felt it ; and just before you came in, I kmm that he was going to speak to me." intotface "" ^^^^ ^^'' ^^^^ ** arm's-length and looked me" ^. knotting itself into r fist ,h hia -j came and sat down in ht « ! 73 jog , to grow upt't^^el ta^rngb'^i^L"' s T; had been added to h L age in tlf« W°f ^ '^u*'" y^"" settlement. One large and handsome woman, whose nersnn f.r Am Klorl an A f«Tiv. '^ *" e»^l elderly won,en in feeble health l~fl*°'^ ''°°"' • several of the stair-ways nressinl Tl, ■ T *.'° ''^ "»«' »' the turns -dcatehingth'ei Ch^ hli S^^^^^^ ot the concourse had com« ^T •^" * ^^^ apparently . The cheapert " ^^^^ ^^^^^ off this who bid with a kind of reluctan T^S ?

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en papier est imprim«e sunt film«s en commencant par le premier plat et en terminant soit par ia derni«re page qui comporte une empreinte d impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second plat, salon le cas. ' Th*™ ,'" '*''• *«"-'«gi'' the world again with nothing! a.o.e„,whrs«u;a^.i Kv^^^^^^^^ Robert took all this mmiir T]„ j-j , , her when this mvster Lf, 7' f *^ "J"* '^"-'■'^ *« -^k it might ever r S rdi^l T"* ''"*' ^" '""'^ '.-^'W he came home. ng ^ ^jjjjg ^^^^ ^^ j^^ jj^j^^ looked UD " It i\lor so io mg : ecrr, . Jo^n- ^'"^%«^« bridled indignantiv at liis misplaced companion, he added. " cried Hp Iph astonished that he should have takf;.^at he unde S of her letter just as Robert had done, "when you know when you know I- "but Helen could not finish what Z' was g'omg to say. your good sense, rm Xay TUk^^/ & ;; B^ter not," said Helen, with a pin between her teeth. '^ *^°"* ^^^-tj" t J^e captain took the end of his cigar out and lit a fresh one from it before he laid It down upon the ash-holdor- I W.m'? ^ to...legraphi„g, ifs o„r/fitr'Ne T Yole'^ ^"^t Z qu! Jier lather spoke so low that she could not make out any words of his. , 5 ' ^"i ^^ « ^^^^^''^I ^ransi- alone in one's roo^witho I? :*^i°g to be sitting haps foolishly walkir^^he Sw^^^^^ .*^*^ *« ''^^ P^^ nionp ace destiny, as Marian Rn H^ one's accepted com- At this point she laug STtw^f "^^ at that^moment. ing alrea^* piishments, im by any "^nem; and fments be- an wil J be •ex. t-P^® °°o^' ^""^ '^™^ °^ *^««e fellows kue W no end of thm^. Ray's ; and tricks ; and —and— well, I don't know." on^^l-l '^""^^ ^^^^^S^- " No ; we do Q't have those ac- complishments in the States, as you say. J'uu wute my arm over these ^ her «i.e their wayrltj U^lt UT ^-..^i^ refusing to see" wlrou U"'^'? " "I don t believe I do," she answered, trying to laugh too. Butler came forward and took her from Ray mo- tioning or rather looking him aside, as she clasped the girl tight m her arms. began they densely tto S the ^^* ^^^^ the s Je ding successively went on^nl ^5°,^«/° which the bid- ther to get out o^f The packed do Z^^' ^n^.'^ ^^^ «^« ^^o- jnglong the auctioneerinfon J i? ^'°^ ^«"^en, each her store of those m Wfp S i t*''^ ^^* ^^g^ther terize furnished lodgtu T^tev T^'^K"' ^^^^^ ^harac- wraps and thread gloves • ot W^^'l '^'*P ^^°^^^'« hair thers of families sho3 /i. ' f ^^ ^^^n^ed poor mo- pre^sedanxioud^^SXo^Jsid'^^^^^ India shawls, and bid upon ?

Tous les autres exemplaires originaux sont film«s en commandant par la premiere page qui comporte une empreinte I ''^^'•••'o" O" ^illustration et en termirant par la derniere page qui comporte une telle empreinte. There I my couree is clear, and I ho M T w-V""^ r hope I'm satisfied ! Dore fondly in pleasingly in h 80 much ap- nind, that she ugh she liked )nd anything, iher she could ^ere and hqw ' her that she ve, she knew i not stop to the assurance shilly-shally- ling this and loved Robert y were mar- ng like this, hat she had ed at Ports- his hands, re had been t have loved ^cijt'r, to ,'isk (i hci" aigu- ich to com- ir a furious, lat she had le her fare- i who was ty from his with their . The old Tnan held the letter in his hand, after readui*. to me you take it pretty coolly, papa." she said, her lips quivering. She could not own that she thought her letter susceptible of quite a different answer. u1"^^^r , ^^'^'^ ^^^ "«^ tempted to bo really harsh with him for his remissness, but she did not stay from running after th - wrap, soft and light, wh"ch she had brought back from the sea-side with^ hir a Ll had thrown down with her bag in the hall, and though she bemoaned his thoughtlessness, as she flung it ovef h m in Lrt ^'^ ''ir"'' ^""^ "P^" ^^"« ^" the self-repr S 1 o At"*- ? and then set an old-fflahmnn^ f^o ,.^i if.^ij^r L . I had." '^" ' ^"' ''' """^ " ^ ^*^e her hatfe me if 42 woman's reason. te welcome to it." This was not very lo S tltllt a whole, but we cannot be always talk ZSl^' m Z words romantic and heroic, ifelen had™dhetean f that phrase may be used concerning ears of such love-' liness as hers, and she paused from herm Ulinerr « a I^ ;• What business? •' W^vl Mfl'^^ f »«««=tion bat profit " ^an Kelp^/"!? aloud, and recognised f U*K ^®^'' ^^'^ " ^oor M*rian ! o fhfffi" ^"*^^'« ^oots with several Dau«»P« o«Y I *"® ^all toward the door 5&ain: "I had'^Sol Ll^w ' "^W fragments of lit * * * bad bus^ess ml Ttw^ ^.^^at, Harkn^ss weather it a few weeks Tn»'^^\^^'^*« done * ♦ * ened myself rr T^oiiger ♦ * ♦ confoundedly strait- : V^ ell, ^ood.night, Josh C I? ' ^ i^ '^t^^r/' aer trouble, and rea Uy lifting A woman's reason. The others had fallen bebmd a little, and these two had now reached the gravel drive up to the piazza steps alone. At this moment she saw Captain Butler glance stealthily at them from within the room • his face was contorted and wet with tears. he ki n L'^^'' ^ ^'^^tation Copleys were bought, a. '" ^•^'''^^S^ ^^^e boughl ous bazaars they w^re des^-^ ^^*'"' ^"""^ '"^ ''^''' '"^^- hand refrigerato^rn Tstrip^^^^^^^^ «econd- Captain Butler would Xd? the auction, but his dutf in^^^^ away from avoided. /''" T\ "^^^^ two short, and easily managed by setlkc^^^^^^ T^ ^^'' ^^« ^^ry the sale began.

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il est film« A partir de I angle sup«rieur gauche, de gauche A droite. Then h shouted r* horses, and drew up b™i KP"y t'°PP°''' '«med his ■Now. Even then, the auction was an expensive affair to him.

y„„t,k^^P^es^^de^ the curb next the Commoi to the carriage." He Si S' ^ °^''',*'«' ™ helpyou numbed feetrand ffot),^„ '""^ gentleman to h£ Z crowd; whe A he w^'^™ "J™^ "'"•ough the gathering about the pla^^^^ ^^^"^ «^^ had looked. w T^' ^''H ''*"™"^ *h« policeman, and touched his hat ingoing down the steps, while the voun" lady turned and stared after him, leaning! He was unable to let certain things, with which he intimately associated his old friend, pass into the hands of strangers, especially things connected with the India trade.

tacheties ou piquees □ Pages detached/ Pages d«tach«es QShowthrough/ Transparence □ Quality of print varies/ Qualite inigale de I'impression □ Continuous pagination/ Pagination continue □ Includes index(es)/ Comprend un (des) index Title on header taken from:/ Le titre de l'ent«te provient: □ Title page of issue/ Page de titre de la livraison □ Caption of issue/ Titre de depart de la r~~| Masthead/ livraison Generique (periodiques) de la livraison Pages 195, 325 A 3*9 are incorrectly nmtxtred pages 5, 225 & 2*9. *'^^«hippmg those beautiful ships, cle L J sil^e T ever^nn' ^'f^^^^^ and manned by hone U Yankee Tews » %." ? i W ''Y^''' ^^^ " Not by ruffians from^ ever^^rr^^^^^^^ Th'' '• were gentlemen's sons before' the m^\ titt the forecastle was filled with imn H T^r^. ''^^ ^^- ^^ th^e and to the merchants the «„£ ^^^^ °^ ^^^ ^^ trade, mates of their youth ' They Tffi^^^ ''.^. K- ^® ^''^^^^ names dasyd Perkins, of Brom Lld fml '' 7T^"«' «^ ^an- nierce which fiunded^^he al^V^^ *^ ^'t* ^^^"^« ^'^ * eo«i. These varied topics and interests conspired to lend a glamour to the Indian trade as it had been, that at last moved Captain iiutler to argument in proof of the feasibility of its re- vival. I want to talk with your father." " Talk him into taking a little rest," said Helen, look- ^ o? " I don't think I could stand Marian Butler in her pre- sent semi-fluid state more than three days; and I wouldn t consent to leave you, papa, except that while you re worrymg over business you'd really rather not have me about ? om his deprecatory tone, that it was something hk which might have been bestowed Tl'^\ ^? l.' f ' '^'°-'' ^J ^^^^"'« «i^«' ^^ «^id something further about running down to Mount Desert in his boat and about one of his men knowing how to broil a mack erel pretty well, which puzzled he? Butler's arms and sat down m the chair near which they stood, and looked out upon the grounds sloping to the water, the black rocks by the shore ; the huger rocks that showed their backs like sleeping sea-beasts out of the smooth water ; the yacht darkening against the east ; far beyond the nm of the sea, a light just twinkling up in the invia^ 62 A woman's reason. Mrs Butler did not try to stay her, or even to approach her, as she wavered to and fro, and wrung her hands or pressed them to her streaming eyes. „i,^*i^^''i.^'^,^°*^'''®^®^^- ~," "", "^""^~" giccwiigs, anq rouna Mar- garet s eyes red and swollen too, 66 A WOMAN'S REASON. Every day when^l^^^^^^ ^^^ desire, and they brought her word from som« ^''i^''^ ^°^« to her had known her fath«»r i„ ? °"® ^°® ^om people wiio ^Jlly met h Ir^ln72o^Jl T' ^'T ^^'^^^ ^^o lad hw death. i ^°^ ^P^ke their reeret for «^nding in the^J^rfatl^rr '^' ^--^^ a not have won him ; and me Twho^^*"'' Prosperity could stuff had a regard for him whi^^ "^T ^^ ^"^, n F? I think It wou d bo better to sp II i, -f The finesse that the captain was usiim in «li f K« u • nes3, wreathing the hard ? to "I shall be glad to have you do whatever voii thint ;. Captain Butler," she answered "I h»™^ f ,• about the house-it-; stran^'Zt I'sho ld7t We-^§ I dcm t care how soon it is sold, nor how it is sol " Ihc oapiam instantly advances! step further Perhaps you wouldn't care to nomrbii k to it »* 78 ■* woman's reason. A red flannel flag, on which the auctioneer's name was lettered, was huno- out from the transom above the front door, and at ten o\jlock on a dull morning, when the sea-turn was beginning to break in a thin, chilly rain, a long procession of umbrellas began to ascend the front steps, where Helen had paused to cast that look of haughty wonder after the retreating policeman.

This item it filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ Ce document est f ilme au taux de reduction indiqu* ci-dessous ^OX ,4X ,8X 22X 26 X 16X 30X 20X 24 X 28X J 32 X The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks to the generosity of: National Library of Canada The images appearing here are the best quality possible considering the condition and legibility of the original copy and in Keeping with the filming contract specifications. But a p Sion Uta w^ '"'*" * ^"^"^ quenched with reasons ev Tr Jidli Lr °l? that these youn^Se^^^^^^ «^« P«^- niature enou-h for the?? Ir^^L'^^^ ^^'« ^^^e and nor Methuse Ss were iu^ T^^^' Solomons Contmry,the tuirroflerjllf^t^^ ^^^^^^^^^ °i^.*^« "^ ^"^'^ Trniuii isnenaa first A woman's reason. ""' ''Z^^'^y °*^er steamboat: nor any dirt v shanties ashore. j^t- ' , Nicest fellows in the world," consented Helea t™dr:.teter;::t:^L'^^ - r^^^^^^^ ^ what market we should find in Cafeutta I^^ '"'"^ &e Z«rs M: on o HL™ "^^h T " "^r -- an event a ceremonv » .^? It was the explanation of this scheme that wearied llelen At the same time she saw that Captain Butler did not mean to go very soon, for he had already sunk the old comrade in the theorist so far as to be saying7'"We Tl" " I tell you, sir." She got up— ^ sir and \^y, sir," and . d-ni ht^^^^° as she bent over her father to kiss him "I shall give him all sorts of good advice," returned the captain, cheerily. and shook her T^l error, just before they came upon a vision of snowy duck and pamt ajid shining brasses, straight and slim and ex- quisite as Helen herself in line, and light a^ a bird dip- for them, and they were received on board the yacht far hitherto from proclaiming itself nautickl in cut or colour-now appeared perfectly adapted to yachting He did not seem to do the host here an more^than a? ch Sf ^^'' ^"l^" distinguished himself as We chief guest, with a subtle accent in his politeness th«.f touch of music. At last, after many moments, as long as hours of common life, Helen suddenly checked herself, and dried the tears that drenched her face. ""'« tiont.,t,^Sh^h..utedeosaybe^^^^^^ Wt let h.m incur the further L^^ ^'""^y- "J 'he c^u Kay seemed to know. put my mare into f h w """^ '*^« stab Je-bel J " T.. where forward under the dinill^ • " •"o™me Dt, and wb 'he had known he 3^T"« ^ *» ^e pl««e w done de^™«:r:n7h7.p^Sl« world that had taken her the tact that no Mena S^ ^? f *" ^f *^n *'""" J *^** ^^^^ ^ g«od friend to Jw fl. n whi vf^l' k' T^ ^^^"^ ^^T^" «^°"«« ««t ^^ in a light m which she had never seen him bofore. not take It HI ot them, that they generally concluded cheir bless- ngs on his memory with some hint that further benefa^- h Th.7fi be gratefully received. egal Tge S of Le ca e Tn flowers of auggestion and Counsel and putt Co^ all » smiling a.r of volition, could neve; be f ? J Did you think 6r ..i,i„g th, f„„.^„^ ^^^ ^^^ «°ne. The umbrellas were of all qualities, from the silk that shuts into the slimness of a walking-cane, to the whity-brown, whalebone-ribbed family umbrella, under which the habitual auction-goer of a certain size and age repairs to her favourite amusement.

Coloured covers/ Couverture da couleur I I Covers damaged/ Couverture endommag Aa Covers restored and/or laminated/ Couverture restaurie et/ou pelliculie Cover title missing/ Le titre de couverture manque loured maps/ Caites gtegraphiques en couleur □ Coloured maps/ Caites gtegraphj ["y J Coloured ink (i.e. How wicked I must be, not to like you to think of the^n I B"t ''--'^ *- ^hii I want you' to think of me, and what^we"^ going to do together, and about a U our plans for next 50 A woman's reason. her goin^ down to the Bu Uer«' w M ^^*" ^° ^'*^ ^^out tarn had urged further Xr she had H'/f'^^l^ *^« «*P- night. Then his vni Z T T ^^^ ^«-'' a Httle girl used to do in r^e Lte u Z^ZV'r^ f ^^"^'^y- ^^ out with her troubles wf ' ^ ^^® ^^^ wearied him ^Ik wandered so that ifmtrw V' T ' '™' ^^ ^^ him to full consciousness^ Lr t^^^' ^^^^ '•«"«ed Pight," he said, and he? 7d utmost confusion, and probably insolvent" she wnnlrl scarcely have realized that life wa^ Lt to Vo" Tstlf could Helen Harkneas have conceived of hereelf inth T ,fc'- T "^ *^^^««^^^ who had dropperthe Mears into their tea-cups in the kitchen, as they Sd over the old clothes she had given them ?

other than blue or black)/ L-_| Encre de couleur (i.e. d her h.n J ^^^'^^ ^'''- " CJood- it again, and k ssed her once more '""^ '^"'^ ^^^ ^^^'^ ^^ CHAPTER IJI. 'it had^w Tu^g the c^d and let Te rt'T ^-^^^P-- people, and ^of^ng^^ and 3et he rose from his chair, when he saw Helen sft Ml "'' You Turrr'"^^' ^^"^"^^^^^ iike chi S^sf " Jtou just make a memorandum of whaf vnn'H \ih.^ reserved, Helen." he said, "and I'll attend to it for vou Put your own little traps together and I'll In Vo ^ "' age to take you down to the f Kclock tra L lv? She ended i Hl ^^il^I ' u T^ * ^''y ^'^- I^ «he could Tot keep ^U why should she want any ?

ttehniqu M at K,gr«phiqu« The Inititutt hat atttnfiptad to obtain the btst original copy available for filming. liark^erth St L'""^ V" ^««^" ^ ^^^«r him at the end of the week ni^!

Features of this copy which may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of the images in the reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, art checked below. He gave hor hi,s promi e andt Zn T ''' ^° *^^ ^^^k. \^^^ '"^ ^^^'^ ^ith but with thi« in view s Te did w ° ^\^ "°^ ^^^« * ^,1 f V'^'^ ^'' It; m this sound all the years «inl J""^ ^'^^'"'^ ""^e^ were lost.

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed beginning with the front cover and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- sion, or the back cover when appropriate. ' *' '^^ ^nd^^rfio.^^^^^^^^^^^ All the fellows had scatte^^d Tow^'^d^htwa t T'H younger and humbler in her fee^JT-n S f ^^** '^"'^^ ady for all her triumphs. tl entered the world had been succeeded by a calm, which she might well have mistaken for wisdom. ^ world thoroughly, and while she was re- solved to judge it kindly, she was not going to be dazzled by It any longer She had become an observer of human cut Vin'J rl' T^r^ ^r ^'^^i"^' sometimes she made cutting remarks to people, and was dreadfully sorry for It. „_ ^.u, „,,, ^^e got up- not without dropping her scissors from her lap, as the cus- tom of her sex is-and gave him her hand, which he took in his left, without rising. Her father held her hand fondly till she drew an arm's length away and then relinquished it with a veiy tender uood-mght, my dear." Helen did not mean to go to bed, and, when she reached her own room, she sat a long time there, working at Mar fnr X' f T'^' ^? to the solemnity of thel Lfcener's sti Sh.^^'" ^PP^a Js' a tantastic comparison of ihl\! She was now aware that she admired Kl& was '^^"'^^ if he did not look shorter than She found it quite in charac;ter that he should have a thl"^'".^!! There had come the lull which must succeed such a passion. Butler, and asked in a husky, changed voice, "Isn't there any trail up to- night ? I am going home" It was too soon yet for her t^ realize that she should never go home again; but the word went to the mother- heart that ached for her with the full measure of its tragicirony, and she perceived Wth a helpless throe of compassion how alone in the world this fair young strick- en creature stood. , o '" "" uoam the yacht that night, brieiiv explaining the trouble that kept him, and promising to 64 A WOMAN'S REASON. '""' ^^^tement a„d fatigue Tbui "I am 'ready" sai H w i ^ ^ come to-morrow Jh . It touched Helen that they should frankly lament her father's dealh ^ another of their deprivations, uiore than if they had pre- i? The men accepted her half-dollars m sign that their audience wa^ ended, and went away direct y; the women shed tears over th; old Sen ^^^^ ' ^"""^ '*^^'^ ^ ^""'^ *^^ i^ *be ih? u '^r.^ }^^ *^^^**^y ««e^ tl^'-ee or four of these visitors, the be 1 rang, and Captain Butler's boots W of a T"f '^T- '\l ^""' "°* ^^*^ '^^' ^^^ cheerful hmt of a burly roll in the wearer's gait, but subdued and fr^A ^R 1 ^' ^PPr«^«h«l with unnaturally measured on hts b? ^ '^""^ ""^ ^ b^ y«^ home with Tnl Xu r ^^'f ^ .^TP ^ ^^°^« * ^«°»ent too soon. You^J have to ll l"'''"" t""- ""« h S^r^ aon^ wish it- '° ''°~ "' yo" kno^r. Many of the people had a suburban look, and some even the appearance of having arrived by the Fitchburg Railroad ; but there was a large proportion of citizens, and a surprising number of fashionably-dressed ladies, who, nevertheless, did not seem to be of that neighbourhood ; they stared curiously about them, as if they had now for the first time entered a house there.

All other original copies are filmed beginning on the first page with a printed or illustrated impres- sion, and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impression. Those too large to be entirely included in one exposure are filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to right and top to bottom, as many frames as required. "" ^^n » very ing fcindnis ^ a U„^r bl^^.h*" "'J'hipman with kilt half a year her ae S «He n^*^U W ""'.r. • , '''''™ ""th herout- de could'Ionnl^rndirs Ctrd H T^"? Two o Jfir 1 °k*/° ^''^^ » to her, aiid lots had come near Tf W k *? She withdrew a great deal from society, and liked na! *'' I^tponed whatever he bi»Xeat %°f ^-*-T«d™„ev^r "^ mind was still running upon Robert '""' " "'"« ^^^ „ Was It somethingin r Wrd t^V weli, then, don't think of if „„ "ffir T^^^y'-^^'titr """• ' "^'^i »ot. You needn t be troubled about that " • ^ou eyes^^' ^''' '^^^^^^y^" ^^^e^^ted her father, closing his Helen sat looking at him, as if she would like to ^o that her father should shut his eyes in that way Xe she wa^ talking of Robert. She had been prepared to difend but t J^ ^r ft^^' ""''' ^"^^^ ^i*^ ^"^^ she expected w? : J °^ being angry, he had really seemed t^ side with Robert and had somehow, by his reticence, impled to Roberl " ^"''' ^^"^ *" ^^^« her humble he S w Jlf Y/'''' "^'t^ *^/HP' P^P^'" «^« «aid with a diffnitv wm go a^:; " ^"' '^^ ^' ^*^^ ^"^ "^*^ ^i« ^y- elosef'^ Sit d^wte'" "'' ^^'^ '"'^^^' " ^"* d-'* go, Helen. They I^^/^ ^l""' ^'^^i il Ta-e S- ''"^ ^-^^ ''^ «tef t Wlfa^ld^ ^ound Tot S'; S/e';,_Xin^^^^^^^^ breaking off his ciffar-ashinfof K k '^^^ ^^^"^ ^^^ ^"m. "do you knfw that vl^ ^'""^.^ P^ateathi; el- quite monumental ? ^ overhearing now and then some such words of the captain's as « dyes," " muslins," " ice," " teak " of^Zr W "/^'"."^" " G^^^Pany's choppers,"'-a name of fearful note, descriptive of a kind of Calcutta handker- chief once much imported. l-'.-^^^^^^^^e voice and the captainl to th« .^''^i'*'"' ^^ ^^' f«'^er's tern's other qualities Vhe fo Ld? t T^'^K-'^" ^^""'^^ ^laptain amp with which hor Tther J^^ u'u''^ ^^ *^« «t"dy- the door. ^ i*"J^ ^^ following him to hack to the lihr ZVu Te^Tf^^^^ ^«^^ «Wly walking up and d T;^ ^'j"^ ^^1* ^**^«r *han heard him 7"W not ; she w Sd worried by my looks. '^ r^""^^^ ^^^^^^ mentioned to any of them, and whom he now introduced in hi« mn«t «nr."L: ea tones, llie friend was a tall young~Engiish^7h 56 1 1 ^ WOMAN'S REASON. ^- «yes we« Jrti^ » ^«^, and that u Sl'^ZS^i A woman's reason. averted we hid- 57 ^d apparent self-question, seemed to fall an eaay prey He presently hung about her quite helplessly; but his helplessness did not make her pity him. Rainford (if that was the name which Helen had caught), "I meant being able to do something, you know : to keep the ball rolling, as you say." ^ " Do we say ' keep the ball rolling ' ? " You have your own fun, I suppose." thl^nnhlf/T T^' l^t.- ^® ^^ ^ ^^°*^"^e S' and attend am^s'et"^^^ ^"'^'^*"^^' ^^^-^-' -^ ^-« o- Mr. and leading more tr^ed w Tfh Tv Ta T' ".^^^^^t^ooking boulders, heavily tressed with the dripping golden brown seaweed. x- f' ''"' t^ey Maid not »me scene, and then .u SXln***/ "^ « rew b^| Heler:? ' ^ r " Why, Helen— " "Because, if there is, I must take it. Ray had sent word to his English friend that he should ^^M 'nnf. eas T '^'^°^ '""^^ ' ^"""'^ *^^ ^'"^^ °"* ^^3^^°^ "Oh, Captain Butler ! You have been alone m this house quite long enough. '*^ ^ ^ -'i':^-"'^ w.xvivixcu iiiuiseir as lie walked ud and down the hbraiy, with hi, face twitching, and hi^l^d 72 A WOMAirs REASON. he He w^ted till si::"i ^i^^^Sd^^ " the eap- Btly right; nd—it's all ne of these can opt ; A Woman's reason. ^^'''y it's apt to be the ease." Ca'pl Tn tut^rtd'^ ~"c Sr" ^ ■■ Weil w^'"'^/*''^ '^"^ """"^ him." U. They sat down in the sad old pariour, and looked up at the pictures and the general equipment of the room with the satisfied air of not findings it, after all, any better than their own. Stood m the middle of the floor, and had thw effe Qt of M 84 A WOMAN'S REASON. :rrhr%»^'''«P'-- People ■ peering i^^ cl Lt and fefc/lli''"' ? and a f quick ''^o^i/''as from t W^^^ with ^ot or that.

Besides, he laid himself open to the suspicion of bidding in, and remained under that doubt with many.

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