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IBA does this through the Code of Conduct that all Participants are required to adhere to and through the Precious Metals Oversight Committee which has broad representation from the Gold and Silver markets.

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Committee members are selected by IBA’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee in accordance with IBA’s Committee Selection Policy. To be considered as a member of the Precious Metals Oversight Committee please email: [email protected], Reports and Licensing Overview Clients wishing to use or redistribute the LBMA Gold and Silver Prices require a license.

To obtain a license, or to find out if you need one, please use the online licensing wizard.

When taken to delivery, the cleared futures contract settles according to the spot convention.

The metal is settled as unallocated metal via London Precious Metals Clearing (LPMCL) accounts and the cash component settles at ICE Clear US.

The prices during the auction are determined by an algorithm that takes into account current market conditions and the activity in the auction. Participants also have 30 minutes directly before the auction starts to queue up their orders. Central Clearing The IBA Gold and Silver auctions are centrally cleared which allows a broad range of firms to become Direct Participants.

Central clearing for the auctions is enabled by the ICE Daily Gold and ICE Daily Silver futures contracts.

At the end of the auction the volumes are matched up, with priority given to matching the bilateral preferences first, if possible.

A firm will receive a bilateral match only where they have set their preference against another Direct Participant to bilateral, and the other Direct Participant has done the same, and there is volume that can be matched between the two firms.

Members of the Precious Metals Oversight Committee The members of the committee attend in an individual capacity and are selected to represent different segments of the industry.

Committee members are respected industry veterans that bring important product and market expertise to the governance process.

These are physically settled, daily futures contracts for loco London gold and silver.

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