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That has been the way of Hollywood deal-makers for many years."She was nearly fooled.She was signed up by a dodgy modelling agency, with the prospect of work in Las Vegas.I eat only organic food and don't follow an exercise regime. I have such a full life compared with how things used to be."Hannah's parents divorced when she was seven and her mother, Susan, then married Jerrold Wexler, a multi-millionaire.

When teachers offered therapy for an apparently mixed-up Hannah, her mother countered with the suggestion of a Caribbean holiday instead. She returned to throw her slim frame into athletics and gymnastics and ignored the shrink.

She finally moved to Los Angeles to study theatre at university.

Then I would go to hair and make-up and put on my costume.

Ridley was after what he thought would be the look of the future, nearly 40 years ahead. Suddenly, everyone would be saying: 'Morning, Daryl.' It was exactly what I wanted movie-making to be like.

Among other projects, Young is working on what he calls a “series”, a documentary about his electric car, with a team editing 2,500 hours of footage (his converted 1959 Lincoln Continental has survived a fire to so far clock 70,000 miles on its ethanol-powered hybrid engine).

As with Hannah’s putative film script, this sounds a more serious project than , which a PR claimed its director herself described as “more pot than plot”.

I just needed film sets and costumes to live out my fantasy."Hannah is aware that she makes herself sound both nerdy and needy. "I wanted to go to the land of Oz every day," she says.

"I would arrive in my regular clothes each morning and no one would recognise me.

But she took them into adulthood, a woman so shy she would shake if she had to talk to a stranger and who fainted with fear on David Letterman's talk show in America.

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