Dating a capricorn female

With Jupiter in your teamwork zone and Neptune in your third house of communication and kindred spirits, you’ve got some brilliant souls standing by to support you.

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Prepare to be amazed at what you DO discover by following divine timing or letting some compassionate, supportive people come through for you. Randy, rowdy Mars is wrapping up a two-month visit to your sign on May 16, and what a “spring awakening” it’s been.

Without even trying, you’ve attracted your share of admirers—and you’ve been feeling mighty spicy yourself.

It’s been a confidence booster to say the least, and possibly a full-on mojo magnifier!

Meantime, Venus is touring Gemini and your wellness-minded sixth house until May 19.

Spring giveth fever to your love life, and a romantic rush from the cosmos can catapult you straight out of any lingering hibernation.

With charismatic and confident Mars also blazing through your sign until May 16, you’re fierce AF—and probably enjoying some of the extra attention you’re commanding so effortlessly!Jupiter and Neptune will make an exact trine on May 25, an ideal date to put a powerful message out to your tribe! On May 29, the annual Sagittarius full moon floods your twelfth house of forgiveness, closure and surrender with its healing and high-minded light.Full moons and the twelfth house both signify transitions.Declutter your workspace, plant a kitchen window box with fresh herbs, and scale back if your schedule is overcommitted.Follow the Capricorn “less is more” tenet, and you can cut your stress levels in half.Although there may be bouts of drama or a couple of players on the scene with Uranus in Taurus, you’ll probably find this cycle far easier than the past one.

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