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Because of this, she doesn’t have a title, despite her great beauty and amazing figure.Instead, she’s simply known as ”The other Kitamikado.” Her preferences lie on the side of reform, but since she’s graduating this year, she’s not that invested in it.Even so, she has no experience with boys, and she’s an extremely late bloomer, so she can’t even look him in the eye when they talk.

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She has a gentle personality, and is kind even to the school’s sole male student. *giggle* I look forward to our acquaintence.” The game’s protagonist.

Masaya is the game’s protagonist, a 2nd year student in Final Course.

She doesn’t have a title, and mostly tries hard to keep her head down.

Of course, Chiho’s the kind of girl who would have been extremely popular if she’d entered in Primary Course... She’s overjoyed to see the hero again, but at the same time, she’s extremely bitter. ” Konomi is a 3rd year student in Intermediary course.

Michaels Dharker Studio Tsuki Ware Uzumeya Muzintou paleontology Studio Beast Epic Works & Top Hat Studios Inc Rise is a 2nd year student in Final Course and daughter of the chairwoman of the school board.

She’s also the leader of the reform party -- more precisely, she’s the only student in school in favor of reform at all.

She seems to have some misconceptions about the time they spent apart... She thinks of Ritsuko and herself as ”sisters,” but Ritsuko doesn’t return her affections.

(”Sisters” at Vincennes refers to a special closeness between two people).

But despite her transcendent popularity, many find her difficult to approach due to her rather progressive ideals... When she meets the protagonist, she decides he’s the one she’s looking for and arranges his transfer.

As she watches him, she decides she really does have good taste. It’s up to you to get them to accept reform.” Ritsuko is a 1st year student in Final Course. But as head of the Red Rose society, she will fight to keep Vincennes the way it is.

She burns in opposition to the protagonist, whom she views as a threat to her ”Onee-sama.” Because Ritsuko’s views are so conservative, Konomi can view the symbol of reform, the protagonist, as no less than an enemy to defeat!

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