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Along with this negative behavior, she also had a temper that was unstoppable. When she was under the influence of some mind altering substance, these negative emotions intensified to the point of extreme emotional, physical and verbal abuse on her part.I have sure had plenty of training in learning how to cope with an alcoholic spouse.

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Hello everyone, I am engaged to an alcoholic man who currently lives in my house.

It’s something like finding yourself holding a hot panhandle and gripping all the more tightly the more it burns. I also encourage you to respond to other postings with a few words of appreciation, support and ideas. There are many more readers of this dialogue than there are responders – you have an interested group here and we want to know what happens. Try viewing your dilemma as four-pronged: Choice 1 would be that you decide to leave your wife and that you do so in the most careful, strategic manner, doing the most that you can to ensure this unfolds as becoming the right choice.

Choice 2 would be that you leave in a way that magnifies the potential for a negative outcome, say by being mean, impulsive or passive, neglecting the care of your self, your social network, financial interests and so on.

According to him, however, the meetings were a “waste” and it was “everyone else” in the meeting that had a messed-up life story and not him.

When I try to bring up the issue of dependency and alcoholism, he feels that drinking is only a problem “when it interferes with your life.” Since his DUI he has technically “turned it around” – he has a job, is attending college full-time and has a 4.0 (and is a perfectionist in every other aspect in his life).

Choices 3 and 4 would be the most attentive, well-equipped approach to staying with her, vs. In other words, the way in which you select a choice and then follow through on it what is important, and it is where you can make nitty-gritty choices on a day-to-day basis.

The working out of those specifics might be where your attention is going to be productive. Al-Anon is not for everyone in your situation, but those who do find it helpful would probably say that it’s the repeated attendance that makes it work.

There was never a moment when she was awake that she didn’t have one or the other in her system.

The person who is mixing narcotics and liqueur together, on a regular basis, experiences intense mood swings.

The information I’m sharing with you on how to cope with an alcoholic spouse was all learned from real life experiences, through reading many books on coping with alcoholics and by hanging out with people, in support group meetings, who had been dealing with alcoholics for many years.

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