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What shouldn’t be normal is accepting a whack sex life.

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One allows for routine to set in (which can lend itself to boredom in the bedroom), the other makes room for more highly anticipated, enjoyable experiences.

No matter your martial status, you can and should enjoy sex, and self-pleasure is one of the most effective ways to discover what gets you off.

Plant seeds of eagerness in your mate’s ear to make him or her want you.

Think about how much fun you’re going to have once you connect with your significant other later tonight.

And when you trust someone, you’re more inclined to get with his or her program. Make Teasing Your Weapon of Choice Most of the time, anticipation is greater than the act itself.

Getting to know a mate outside of the bedroom will lead to you with him or her outside of the bedroom in no time (which aids with tip No. Whether you’re the type of lover who likes to get right down to business or the mate who prefers lingering anticipation, teasing can assist you in your journey to climax.More than likely, he or she will be down for the ride. Pick Partners You Enjoy Outside of the Bedroom There are plenty of people in the world who can have sex with complete strangers.They meet for one common goal, and that’s to get off. But being able to kick it with your lover of the bedroom can yield better sex.Shoot a quick text message reminding him of that time you guys almost got caught in Vegas.Give her a call to let her know you cannot wait to hear her moan again. Use it to your advantage when attempting to amp up your sex life. Act Responsibly We are living in a time when sex can lead to death.No matter what you do, place sexual responsibility at the top of your list.

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