Sexcxxx - Dating behavior in a hispanic community

I want to retire to dedicate my time to my children and grandchildren; I want to be with them.” My mother, who is 82, lives in Miami where most of my family now lives.Despite the fact that she has many family members and friends there, she often laments not being able to live closer to me (we live in New Jersey) so that she could help us out.

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This cultural tendency makes Latinos feel needed and useful in their old age; and having a purpose in life is usually linked to longevity.

I have written here before about the Latino fear of death and how it is not as much a fear of the unknown as it is the fear of leaving loved ones without adequate support (See Here).

This is a fact that continues to puzzle the medical community. Hispanics, for example, are more prone to illnesses like Diabetes and often suffer from high cholesterol. have inadequate access to healthcare services / information and most of the new immigrants lack health insurance.

Hispanics tend to live longer than non-Hispanics despite many circumstances that negatively affect Latino longevity.

And Latinos gather very often; at the very minimum Latino families get together for parties every weekend.

Laughter is known to trigger the release of endorphins, our body’s natural painkillers.

She sat next to me for lunch (I remember her having a large piece of steak) and said “I may have asked you this already and I’m sure I will ask it again; you will just have to deal with that; how are the children?

” Despite her age she remembered the names of my children (I had four at the time) and asked about them my name.

While the Latino diet varies from country to country, most of the cuisines pay little attention to health implications and Latinos continue to use unhealthy ingredients like fatty meats and animal lard. Latinos are also more likely than non-Hispanics to avoid going to the doctor and to not engage in preventive care.

So how is it, one must ask, that we generally live longer?

She passed at the age of 102 with her laid-back outlook of life completely intact.

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