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At any time during the Seder, you make a pretend ringing noise.There is a hushed silence and you pick up the phone. According to your improvised one-sided conversation, it becomes clear that all children under 8 have to get down from the table and start building a pyramid.The game can be played at different intervals throughout the Seder, in between reading the text. Get your kids to collect a bag full of small items from around a house – almost anything will do.

The "props" – be it the Seder plate, or the cushions for leaning – are all there in order to arouse curiosity in our kids and get them asking questions.

Here are a number of ideas to make the Seder fun and meaningful for everyone.

All the games are suitable for all ages and are a lot of fun.

Get your kids to prepare activities ahead of time to increase their anticipation and involvement.

Get your kids ahead of time to prepare as many questions and answers as they can from the Haggadah and write the questions and answers down. After the Mah Nishtana, you ask one of the kids to blindfold one of the guests or another family member.

Then the blindfolded one has to pick a card out of a box or hat. If the blindfolded one answers correctly he or she gets a point/sweet/nut/small prize.

Here’s an example of what someone might say who selected duplo man from the bag: “You are probably very curious who I am?

Well, many years ago, our people were enslaved in Egypt by a very powerful King called Pharaoh.

Very important: Remember to have a bag of small prizes or treats as incentives for good questions and involvement.

You will need a basket full of questions and answers about Passover on individual index cards or paper.

Pass the bag filled with the items around the table and get people to pick out an object without looking.

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