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The article gives example of the different types of dysfunctional relationships the black women on the show have.Ranging from a relationship filled with lies and infidelity, to a woman who suffered physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and manager, and a relationship where the woman verbally abuses and chastises her husband.Rappers never show or speak of commitment to black women.

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The FAAN Mail open letter to the CEO of universal Music Group, Lucian Grange, related the content of the songs and videos that his company helps market to the historical context of forced sterilization, the shackling of birthing black mothers in prison, and the endorsement and perpetuation of a rape culture that disproportionately affects black women.

These stereotypes and ideas have their root in slavery.

this article, the writer immediately chastises the negative portrayal of black relationships in hip hop.

At the center of this argument is the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (L&HH).

In this Huff Post Live discussion host by Dena Takruri, she and 5 panelists discuss the degradation of women of color in rap music.

The discussion panel contained Chantelle Bateman campaign strategist at FAAN Mail, Mark Anthony Neal, professor at Duke University, Melyssa Ford, actress and women’s health advocate, Nehad Khader, writer and activist, Nuala Cabral, Co-Founder of FAAN Mail.

The article also relates back to the views of beauty in black women.

the article depicts or relates to the historical stereotype that a black woman’s beauty does not match up to the “Victorian” woman;s beauty standard (or according to the article, exotic/non-black beauty standard).

The term that is frequently used to describe a black woman is a “bitch.” The only exultation she she could be is a “bad bitch”.

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