Dating ibanez rg

Its look would benefit greatly with just a better polish.

This guitar has a long known provenance, Kent Kollmeyer purchased this guitar at the Chicago Guitar Show in 1996 from a Texas dealer that had gotten this and an original Chromeboy from his Ibanez rep.

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The majority are also old basswood guitars which I would expect the stud anchors to be loose.

If you want them to be played, then at the least they'll need a fret cleaning and a good sorting and setup, any setup level as far as you want to go, casual play, serious shredder instrument, or clean it to hang on the wall, but all labor is extra, and quoted by what you want done and what I'm working on.

All the pickup mounting ring screw heads have no corrosion and there isn't a single pick scratch on the rings, or anywhere else.

The guitar was never played, or if it was there is no evidence of it at all.

This is one of the 4 New unsold JS3's Ed Roman bought out of the House of Guitars sometime around 1997, and the last one he sold.

While in his possession he had an "artist" make copies of this guitar which he would sell for 00, but this is the original.He was hooked, after all, he knows cool when he sees it.A week later he was in my living room buying a DNA. He started amassing a great collection of some of the coolest Ibanez guitars from the Golden Era, JEM, UV, JS, etc., always with an eye for quality, condition, and rarity.Fred is a dealer and collector in Pennsylvania Folk Antiques, of extremely good quality.He is also a savvy collector of just about anything cool.Fred, John Cowan, and I got together with our DNA collections [at that time] and shot the pictures of the group of 29 together shown below. He ended up with 16 DNA's at the peak but was DNA heavy and balanced the collection by selling off 10 DNA's, which ended up being the Koch Collection - Part 1 sale.

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