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“No one knew — except for two people: Omar Mateen and his wife.” Defense attorney Linda Moreno, however, said that Salman was unaware of Mateen’s violent plot and that she was a victim of her husband’s abuse.

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In her first and only public comments since the shooting, Salman told the Times that she first met Mateen in 2011 on an internet dating site called “Arab Lounge.” They married within the same year, culminating in a second marriage for both of them.

Salman and Mateen’s son is now 5 years old and being raised by Salman’s mother in California.

Here’s what we know about the trial, and what we’re watching. Salman was raised in Southern California by her parents, who immigrated to the U. from the West Bank in 1985, The New York Times reported.

A family spokesperson told The PBS News Hour that she has three sisters and that Salman’s father, who died in 2006, owned a liquor store in California.

“Juries are generally easy to win over in terrorism cases, but in this case, you have a woman who claims she was abused and feared for her and her child’s life,” he said.

“That could figure into the jury’s decision.” Why is Salman facing a terrorism charge?“I wish I would have done the right thing but my fear and reality was holding me back,” she wrote.The end of the document reads: “I’m very sorry I lied to the FBI.C., said the federal government has a high success rate prosecuting federal terrorism cases, but few of the defendants have been women.According to George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, 90 percent of those who have faced domestic terrorism charges have been male.Clary told the News Hour that Salman was hopeful but “believes that she is being punished for what her husband did.

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