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“My catfisher didn’t just take my face, he gave me the persona of a person [who] is manipulative, deceitful and in my opinion mentally abuses women for his own sexual gratification.

In no way do I want any association to that kind of person.” He was backed by Ms Coffey, who said: “Without a specific offence, ‘catfish’ who cause so much distress to individuals and their families will continue to exploit and harm other people.

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MPs are to be urged to outlaw the practice of ‘catfishing’, which refers to online predators using fake dating profiles to trick victims into sexual relationships.In one case, police allegedly dismissed a complaint by comparing catfishing to “going into a bar and claiming you’re a millionaire when you actually work on the bins”.On Tuesday, Labour MP Ann Coffey will use an adjournment debate to call for the introduction of a new law that will criminalise catfishing, by making it an offence to steal someone’s identity and pose as them online to lure people into sexual relationships.He said: “The police told us ‘It’s the equivalent of going into a bar in the 1980s, [and] claiming you’re a millionaire when you actually work on the bins.’ I disagree.If I’ve told someone I’m a millionaire and I’m not, I haven’t stolen someone else’s identity to do so.“If the women questioned or doubted him, once he talked them round and they believed him, he tried to punish them. When I wasn’t there to greet them, he would tell them he was ‘my cousin’ and I couldn’t make it.

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