Dating scammers forum Ghetto chat line number

"They’ll spend months grooming their victims with emails or phone calls, day and night.

They say don’t tell your friends about us, keep them separate from people in their real lives.

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"In the meantime, I can just try to do my best with all that I can to expose scammers with the hope that it can help someone else before they are scammed." What they do isn't illegal.

They bait the scammers with fake dating profiles too as well as by posting "sucker lists" online - lists of email addresses that fraudsters scrape for their own collection - and wait for them to get in touch.

"They’ll ask for money for a flight or a translator and ask for you to transfer the money through something like Western Union. Once the scammer gets someone hooked then they play with them emotionally." There are four volunteers from around the world who run the forum-based site and many use pseudonyms to keep their identities safe.

There's Big Al and Slap Happy who're based in the US and Fire Fly who's from Austria.

FALLING in love with someone you've never met before is something that many of us can't even begin to understand.

But it happens more than you think, with victims of romance fraud being conned out of £41MILLION last year, according to Action Fraud.

"We get emails from victims or from people who reckon they're friend or family member is being scammed," Wayne explained. "We've got ways of finding out if they've faked the email address, find out the real one and we can find out the email route to trace where it came from.

"Nowadays we get so many emails we can't keep them talking to them. Then people can search for the name or the email address of the person they've been talking to and check to see if it's a scam." Wayne, who's day job is a carer, typically spends about five to six hours a day "volunteering" on the site.

But a team of "scam baiters" has decided to turn the tide and expose these scammers and warn others before they part with their cash.

Swansea based Wayne May - not his real name - runs the website and is taking on the fraudsters, helping victims by exposing the dodgy email addresses from fake lovers.

"It’s not a case of them saying ‘hello’ when you answer the phone, they’ll call you ‘husband’ and if they have children they’ll put them on the phone with you.

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