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That’s why it was so hard to narrow this list down to just five games.

These five, however, represent the best of the best on the PSP – not the most hyped or the most overrated (hence the lack of both Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep). Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – Capcom While the Monster Hunter series is admittedly bigger in Japan, its popularity in other countries is growing as well – and for good reason.

The PSP has – despite what some people insist – a seriously impressive library of great titles, especially RPGs.

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Available April 10, 2018 with English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles! Continue your journey to Edo in Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms, available for Steam in Spring 2018.

This remastered telling of the beloved visual novel Hakuoki series is a continuation of the Hakuoki™: Kyoto Winds story and focuses on the story set in Edo, the second part in this two-part series.

These five plucky girls – with the help of their manager Takt – will have to give the performance of a lifetime to stop this darkness from claiming the last of humanity.

Will they be able to band together and blow this evil away, or will they fight only to discover that the darkness has been lurking within them the whole time…?

You’ll spend hours on a single hunt, taking it slowly at first, rushing in, dying, and trying all over again. Persona 3 is one of the most unique JRPGs in recent memory, and it made quite a splash on the PS2 back in 2007.

The creatures you’re up against are truly fearsome, but if you’ve got a few PSP-wielding friends on hand and a little patience, there’s hardly a better portable title available. The portable version ups the ante in a few ways, like the inclusion of an all-new female lead – which alters a huge amount of the plot, considering the game is half dating sim – and the ability to take control of your teammates during battle, rather than having them on autopilot.Defend humanity from the Chimera Virus as the new leader of Japan’s covert military agency (ACID) in Dark Rose Valkyrie™!Featuring work from “Tales of” scenario writer Takumi Miyajima and “Tales of” character designer Kosuke Fujishima, this real-time combat, action-packed RPG will have you battling enemies that change in form and strength as darkness sets. Use a visual-novel interview system to find them out and strengthen the Valkyrie Force and save the world!The games on this list range from The Sims to Animal Crossing, plus much more.This list answers the questions, "What are the best life simulation games?It’s one of the few classic Final Fantasy titles that hasn’t seen remake after remake, so the PSP version is far from overkill – in fact, it’s the only way many modern gamers have been able to experience the daddy of all strategy RPGs.

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